Budget Friendly Custom Gifts For The Holiday Season

It is ho ho holidays and everyone is busy planning their gift lists! So, if you are a marketer who is busy foraging gifts for the holiday season, here are a few budget friendly gift ideas that will make your recipients’ holidays truly special.Personalized Plush Christmas Stockings

Holiday cards are so ordinary and sending these out could be expensive and time consuming as well. Leave a personal stamp on the celebrations to grab a few eyeballs and impress your customers by customizing the gifts and your workplace.

Holiday season is about frosty days too. How about personalizing scarves with your logo, Christmas greetings or artwork and hand it for your team to wear it for the holidays. Your team will make a walking billboard for your logo even in the crowded holiday parties.

Personalized cookies and chocolates: Holiday gifts are also about chocolates and cookies. If you are looking for a gift idea to reach out to your chocolate loving customers, check out these custom M & Ms or cookies. Imprint your personal message on a chocolate bar or its wrapper or place a custom message inside a fortune cookie. No matter how you wish to go about it, custom candies and cookies will make a perfect gift idea.personalized silver plated heart picture frames

Gift a Christmas tree centerpiece. Deck up this tree with snowflakes, ornaments and stockings, imprint your logo and goodwill message and see how these gifts will make the Christmas celebrations of your recipients truly special. You can hand out these holiday special gifts to your best customers or prospective clients who have been on the fence. Every time they see these centerpieces your customers will remember on why they choose you.

Picture frames: There is nothing more personal in holiday gifts than a custom photoframe that your recipients can use to hold the priceless memories. Your customers will love to treasure the personal snaps of their family and their milestones on these. Every time they cherish these glimpses, your logo and message will grab their attention as well.

Personalized bookmarks: Handmade book marks are great for promoting literary agents, bookstores and publishing houses. Your recipients will surely love these handy logo items that will make their book reading fun and hassle free. You can choose from a range of uniquely shaped or themed bookmarks that your recipients will love to retain as keepsakes.

Calendar magnets: Hand out a calendar magnet to your clients to ensure a year- long promotion. Ideal to promote all types of businesses, these attractive magnets that double up as refrigerator art enjoy a long retention among all types of customers.

Holiday season happens to be a time to travel for most people. No matter whether your recipient is planning a trip to their grandma’s village or fly around the globe, they need a travel bag to pack. So can there be a better option than a travel bag as a holiday gift for your clients.

These creative and interesting gift ideas for your recipients will surely change the way they celebrate! So, what are you waiting for? When you have these personalized gifts that tell about your business that leave your signature among your recipients why settle for some dreary generic gift ideas!

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