Budget Friendly Custom Gifts For Small Businesses

A modest budget on hand need not stop small businesses from pursuing their business promotions the way they wish. Here is a quick grab of some of the popular custom promotional giveaways on a budget that will get your message out, enhance brand visibility and above all increase their  goodwill.

Christmas social media banner background with design space

Tote bags

Reusable, long lasting and a sustainable substitute for plastic bags, tote bags offer a perfect branding opportunity for your brand. Anything imprinted on these trendy bags will get a lot of curious eyeballs in the local streets, shopping centers, picnic spots , game days and more. Offered in a wide range of shapes and a palette of brilliant colors, tote bags can be matched with your company colors with ease;  customize it to make it an extension of your brand.

Imprinted Eros Tote Bags

Promotional pens

One of the most popular choices  in budget friendly swag, writing instruments will make brand building machines at work! Just think how effortlessly, these will get your message on to the work desks of your clients and employees to get them think and talk about your business.

Choose from various trendy models ranging from elegant metallic pens,  executive pens to fun themed novelty pens and cheap as chips plastic pens among many others. Your logo and message imprinted on it will get a great display.

Custom Printed Roosevelt Pens Imprinted  Blank  Sample

Water bottles

Staying hydrated is  the easiest way to a healthy life. Trendy and portable water bottles make it easy for your clients and customers to carry beverages wherever they go to ensure their daily fix.

Choose from various popular models like insulated metal water bottles that keep liquids hot or cold as needed, sports bottles, plastic bottles and glass bottles that won’t retain flavors and keep liquids fresh smelling and in its natural taste. Add your logo and message to make it a walking talking billboard for your business.

 24 Oz Unity Stainless Steel Bottles

T shirts

Wearable handouts like apparels and accessories are the best way to turn the audience into your brand advocates and get them engaged with your message in a fun way. Choose from various models like polo shirts, full sleeve T shirts, cotton t shirts and a lot more. You can even match these popular merchandise with the theme or color of the event to make it a promotional swag with a high impact.

Logo Imprinted Men's Barela Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Promotional gardening giveaways

Having plants at home or office can enhance the vibes of the spaces, create a patch of green  indoors and ensure clean air. Choose from planter kits, seed packets and more that serve as a living reminder of your business while making a  positive difference in the ambiance of your customer’s spaces.

Custom Printed Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits

Looking for more? Browse our collection of  budget friendly giveaways to choose an appropriate gift that match your  promotional budget.