Bring a Smile with These Must-Have Relaxation Giveaways

In today’s fast paced world, everyone looks forward to stay relaxed and be happy. Marketers can also do their small part in making their clients and employees relaxed with these custom relaxation gifts. It is indeed a great way to show that you care and bring them closer to your brand. So, get started with these best selling custom giveaways and browse our exclusive category of relaxation gifts for inspiration.

Bamboo Massaging hair brush

Pamper your recipients with a relaxing hair massage with these massaging hair brush! They will love how this personalized promotional gift  combines fashion with functionality.  Totally trendy and practical, this is a must-have item for relaxation hours. It features an  oval shaped bamboo handle brush with soft rounded bristles that provide a gentle scalp massage.

Branded Scented Candles

Scented candles are scientifically proven to soothe us.  Let your recipients indulge in  the gentle  aroma that will be a perfect choice for any relaxation routine and effectively boost anyone’s mood. Choose from various models and shapes including bamboo soy candles to suit any taste.

Coloring Book and crayons

Coloring books have replaced Sudoku in popularity in relaxation merchandise. With the proven wellness benefits that coloring books can bring to adults, this can indeed be a perfect relaxation activity. Apart from enhancing focus , coloring will also stimulate the brain and allow the minds to rest after a long day at work.

Stress balls

Further, help your clients and employees to vent out their frustration and anger and help them stay relaxed with custom stress balls. Available in various shapes and colors, these will help them to stay cool wherever they go. Handy and portable, coloring books will also double up as a tangible reminder for your brand.

Apart from easing the mind, it will ensure a gentle massage to the fingers and hands thereby ensuring holistic wellness to the users. Did you know that stress balls change hands more frequently than most other items in office or even in travel groups? So, your message printed on these will reach a new set of users every time your recipients hand it out to their friends or family!

Gel beads

Hot and cold gel beads will bring relief from sprains and aches, and put back the smiles on the faces of your recipients. No matter whether they use it as cold compress or hot wrap, your message will surely  grab their undivided attention. Also, choose from various colors and shapes to complement your promotional theme.

 Are you planning to use these custom relaxation gifts as your promotional giveaway?