Branded Beanies Will Help You Get A Head Start In Your Promotions

Who doesn’t love to wear a pop of color with their winter apparels this cold season to stand out nicely? Just in time for the chilly outdoors, we have come up with a fresh list of beanies and toques that will keep heads warm and your message red hot!

Beanies & toques

Custom beanies are just about everywhere. Offered in various designs and patterns, these will complete any outfit and even help people to show their fun side. Everyone needs these fashion forward accessories for home, office and even on the move. Did you know that these will make great employee uniform items as well during cold weather months?

Knit Pom Striped Beanie with Cuff

Cool way to project your brand image

One of the best things about imprinted beanies is that they provide an interesting way to share your brand at trade shows or other events. Your team will stand out in these colorful accessories and grab easy attention of the attendees. Choose a trending style that is sure to make heads turn and pique easy interest of your attendees.

Reach out to the sports fans

Fall season doubles up as golf and football season. You can impress your sports loving audience by handing out beanies imprinted with interesting taglines as freebies or as souvenirs that can be purchased at the ticket counter. Every time your recipients wear these to stay warm during road trips, game days or a day out in the town, your brand will get a wider audience.

As awareness gifts

If your group is supporting a cause, you can use these accessories as awareness gifts as well. Customize these with your brand and message to make them great handouts to your donors or sponsors. You can even sell these to raise funds for the social cause that you support.

As employee gifts

Beanies are gender neutral and are available in various patterns and trending colors, which make them popular employee gifts. You can use these as employee welcome gift bag item for new hires, or during employee anniversaries and more.

Contest prizes

If you’re looking for a creative gift to show your favorite customers some love, beanies will make a great choice. You can hand these out with a hand written note on why your customers are fun and jovial. See how it will make them well happy and smiling.

Get a head start in your promotions by using these stylish accessories as your promotional items. With a wide range of patterns to choose from, you can easily find a model that suits your theme.