Black Friday Marketing Strategies that Work

Black Friday-The busiest shopping holiday is here; and this year, it’s only expected to get busier.

The pandemic outbreak may lead more  Black Friday shoppers to virtual stores rather than physical stores.So, online stores of any size can expect a spike  in traffic and revenue. Here are some proven strategies that will work.

Build Your Email List

Email marketing is the best way to spread the word about Black Friday sales and offers. Create an email popup targeting new visitors who may be interested in your Black Friday deals. Announce incentives like discounts, gifts and free shopping for new sign ups to create more interest.

Make sure that your email communication is interesting enough to engage the busy Black Friday shoppers . Make sure that your message reaches the right people at the right time through proper timing while sending out mailers.

Choose a value-driven CTA

Trigger impatience and excitement among the shoppers with an inspiring call to action message. It will definitely lure prospects to your stores. Typically, Black Friday is a time when consumers look for a bargain. So, talk more about affordable products rather than best selling items during this time.

 Act Late

Catching early birds is not the only marketing tactic that can be employed on Black Friday. You can  increase your holiday sales by converting latecomers as well. Offer deals that are hard to miss to the late comers and  help them avoid disappointment. You can even include interesting custom giveaways along with the product packages

 Make Your Sale Memorable

Black Friday can be crazy for the consumers as they navigate through different stores, compare prices and create shopping lists so that they can buy their favorite items before they sell out. So, for marketers , it  is a great opportunity to stand out and make their stores memorable on Black Friday.

 Use the Element of Surprise

Surprises are always welcome. It is also a powerful marketing tool when used right. Instead of revealing what the shoppers may get on their shopping day, you can create a suspense element. You can vaguely disclose that everybody has a fair share of exciting deals to look forward to. It will surely be a great surprise for the bargain shoppers. Thus, avoiding  the discount percentage from the subject line in emails is a smart strategy if you want to be different on Black Friday. It will surely inspire the prospects to open their email and read the content in full!

Another strategy is to send a random gift code that the shoppers  can use during checkout. It will not just make the offers more exciting for the consumers but will guarantee minimum sales for the marketers as more subscribers move to checkout to get the gift code.

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