Best Giveaways For Summer Festivals and Fairs

Summer season is famous for a million odd reasons, including the coveted concerts, food fests, music shows and fairs among others. Outdoor events draw a huge crowd and will give promoters a great chance to display their brand and message. So, summer festivals are a great time for marketers to enhance brand awareness, and increase conversion rates by handing out appropriate custom gifts.

Here are some custom giveaways that will help you to engage the audience with your message; while boosting their experience.

Logo umbrellas

Umbrellas are indeed a staple at all types of summer festivals! Choose mini umbrellas that are easy to carry around and fit any bag. Customize with your brand, and artwork to make umbrellas truly exceptional. Just think of the impressions your brand will make;, as your custom umbrellas get displayed in some of the most popular festivals of the country. These  high utility umbrellas will help them to withstand the vagaries of nature, and help them to enjoy the event to the full.  

Water bottles

Water bottles are obviously one of the most popular promotional items during  all types of summer events. They are something everyone may need during outdoor fairs and events. Choose models and colors that match your brand perfectly to use tit drive sales. Every time your recipients use water bottles in the crowded stands, your message will get a great display.

The best part is that these reusable bottles will make a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bottles. So, marketers that wish to highlight their ecofriendly credentials will find reusable water bottles a great choice.  It will help you to play your little part in keeping the event venues clean of trash after the festival as well!


Let your customers stay safe from the stinging sun while staying fashion forward by handing out custom apparel accessories like caps. Choose from a wide range of models and price rates, customize with your logo and corporate colors and you are all set to rock the show.

Clear drawstring bags

Further, almost everyone at summer festivals needs a handy bag to carry their every day items.  These stadium friendly, clear drawstring bags will thus make a great choice as these are light weight, spacious and above all easy to carry. Compact yet large enough for their needs, these logo bags will take your message wherever your recipients go. Thus your brand will get an extended promotion even after the event.


Your audience will indeed love to be at their fashionable best while attending summer concerts and fairs. So, make your brand part of their dressing style by handing out sunglasses. Available in a wide range of trendy models and colors, sunglasses will obviously make a great billboard for your brand and message.

Looking for more? Browse our complete line of  summer promotional gifts to stay on top of the trends.