Best Drawstring Bags for Every Occasion

Looking for a promotional product that you can never go wrong with? Check out these versatile drawstring bags. Budget friendly, practical and trendy, drawstring bags enjoy an incredible fan base comprising of people of all age groups. The 2023 Advertising Specialty Institute ad impressions study found that 43% of consumers would keep and use a promotional bag for at least two years. It thus means that a custom drawstring bag will make up to 1,940 impressions during its shelf life! 

Something for every call

Drawstring bags are also available in a wide range of models . So, you will find a perfect style for every industry and occasion. Whether you’re organizing a charitable fun run or looking for a promotional swag , you can bank upon drawstring bags.

 Here are some popular models that make safe investments

Cotton drawstring bags

Cotton drawstring bags will surely make your brand a crowd favorite for sure. Made from natural fibers, cotton drawstring bags are reusable and ecofriendly. Choosing full color models will also ensure ample visibility.

Sporty Drawstring Backpacks

Reach out to those fitness freaks out there or support a  health run with these sporty style  backpacks. Designed to meet the needs of people on the go, these backpacks also feature pockets for additional storage and water bottle sleeves among others.

RPET & Recycled Drawstring Bags

Highlight your ecofriendly credentials with recycled drawstring bags. Show that you care for the planet by making these recycled bags your merchandise.  Your brand will thus become the top favorite of your customers for adopting a sustainable promotion.

Insulated Drawstring Backpacks

Upgrade a typically standard giveaway item to a whole new level by choosing insulated drawstring bags that will keep snacks  fresh and in the desired temperature; ideal for corporate picnics, shopping days and employee lunch sessions, these insulated bags will obviously offer more value to the recipients while stretching your marketing dollars even further.

Drawstring Tote Bags

Fashionable and trendy, these totes are something your recipients will indeed love to use again and again. Offer the  convenience of dual utility of top handles and backpack straps in these tote bags. More the utility of the bag, more will be your brand visibility. Choose from various models and colors.

Novelty Drawstring Bags

Add a fashion twist to your drawstring bag by choosing unique styles like camo print or rainbow patterns to make your merchandise stand out even more.   Needless to say, your brand and message imprinted on these bags will surely get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Drawstring Gift Bags

Now that the holiday season is fully on, there cant be a better gift choice than these small drawstring gift pouches. These make great gift bags for retail businesses and are something that your customers can  reuse again and again.

Drawstring laundry bags

Your recipients can easily secure the laundry with a drawstring closure and carry it easily over the shoulder using black nylon sling strap when they have these laundry bags . Available in several bright colors, you can easily match it with your corporate colors. These can be customized with your brand and message to make a great giveaway for laundry services, hotels, dorms, college hostels and more

Which of these drawstring bags are you planning to use as your merchandise? Share your ideas in teh comments section below .