Benefits Of Various Types Of Custom Banners In Outdoor Promotions

Banners are low cost, high visibility marketing items. Ideal for holiday sales announcements, product launch, event planning and more  custom banners can be used for a lot of promotional needs. banners are available in various material choices, sizes and shapes. Consider the sign’s durability and function while choosing outdoor banners.


Here are some of the popular options to consider

Vinyl banners

If you are looking for a low cost outdoor banner, vinyl banners will make a great choice. Available in both single and double sided models, these banners will make a smart way for you to make heads turn. These brilliantly colored billboards are hard to overlook and your message imprinted on these will get the attention of your target audience with ease.  These can be used in all types of events including tradeshows and business events.


One of the popular models in outdoor banners, Vinyl-banners have beautiful finish and are budget friendly. These are well suited for campaigns of shorter duration and can be used for both outdoor and indoor events.

2' x 6' Custom Printed Single-Sided Vinyl Banners

Mesh Vinyl banners

Mesh Vinyl banners  are more expensive and will retain the color clarity and shape for a longer time. The mesh design will allow wind to pass through the banners thereby preventing it from tearing. The UV, abrasion resistant ink will make these banners ideal for long term promotions and outdoor campaigns. These make fence banners or can be set up between posts. The mesh deign reduces the weight while enhancing durability and wind resistance.

Imprinted Outdoor Vinyl Mesh Banners

Coroplast signs

12″x18″ Custom Printed Double Sided Coroplast Signs are durable, affordable and lightweight, Ideal for all types of displays and promotional events, these boards are resistant to  damage from insects and rodents.  It can also withstand weather elements for a fairly longer time though these are not recommended as permanent display items



  • Affordability: These are inexpensive outdoor display items that can be used for various promotional events.
  • Lightweight – Transporting coroplast banners is hassle free as these are light weight and easy to set up
  • Pliability – Coroplast is sturdy enough to lay flat on its own, but flexible enough to ensure ease of handling.. You can bend it, staple it, punch holes in it and more.

Vinyl signs are easy and attractive. However these can get wrinkled with over use. Mesh banners though is a lesser known option is a smart choice as outdoor signs. These are made to last long and will look great for a long time.

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