Benefits of Ordering Next Year’s Promotional Calendars Early

Autumn may not sound like the right time to talk about New Year calendars. But ordering early is the best strategy for marketers as it will ensure ample time for them to disburse it to their target audience and get their brand on their spaces fairly early and get their undivided attention. the bets part is that  your handouts will  reach their hands before the holiday season gift deluge!


Calendars are not  perceived as blatant advertisements but handy reference items, which  makes it meaningful for your audience. Cost effective and value added, calendars offer 365 days of advertising to be a consistent reminder of your services thereby making your brand  familiar to the audience and an integral part of their everyday lives.

 Calendars are indeed effective promotional tools for businesses- big and small.  Offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these are easy to customize to put your brand on display for a whole year. An attractive calendar may even be retained as souvenirs or wall decor items, which means that your message will even get an extended display.

If you are planning to hand out promotional calendars next year, now is the best time to order it.

How to choose a promotional calendar

Consider the promotional budget while choosing custom calendars. If you have a modest budget, pocket sized stick up calendars will make an affordable and easy to personalize model.

Imprinted Barn Vinyl Adhesive Mini Stick Calendars

Wall calendars that feature breathtaking images in various themes including vintage cars, nature, tourist places and more will make another popular choice.

Printed An American Illustrator Spiral Wall Calendars

Planners and desk calendars make a welcome addition to any customer’s desk while your message gets their undivided attention.

Saturday Evening Post Desk Calendars

No matter whichever product you choose, make sure that it has your company name clearly displayed.  For instance, if you wish to promote a real estate company, choose calendars that have images of nice neighborhoods while religious organization can consider biblical images or versus on their calendars.  Make sure to include a call-to-action message that will help your audience to get engaged with your brand further.

Welcome Home Stapled Wall Calendars

Calendars get the undivided attention of everyone and not just the primary recipients. Apart from being your brand reminder all year round, these attractive calendars also deck up free spaces and add a pop of colors to the work desks and barren walls.

Distributing calendars

Once you customize calendars, you can mail out calendars to everyone on your mailing list. Some calendars even come with its own mailing envelope. If you have a physical store, slip in a complimentary calendar into shopping bags at checkout.

For any further tips or inquiries on 2022 calendars, reach out to our team to get started.