Benefits of Custom Tote Bags That You May Have Missed

Tote bags are probably the best options in custom bags for the high stakes these enjoy. Apart from being trendy and colorful, totes have innumerable benefits that not many people take note of. Here is a quick list of the winning traits of printed totes that make it a safe bet for marketers.



Tote bags are sustainable and ecofriendly.  Designed for long term usage, totes are recyclable and won’t end up in landfills. These trendy bags can be easily re-purposed and up cycled and hence make a perfect choice for a sustainable life style apart from being an ever fashionable, multi- purpose bag.

Sustainable giveaways like tote bags imprinted with your brand and message can influence the audience, promote your brand and set off an ecofriendly movement among others. Highly practical trendy, wearable and versatile, tote bags are something everyone will be proud to wear in the streets!

 Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Tote Bags


Tote bags are budget friendly that will exceed the quality vs. value expectations for businesses. If you are looking for a value added gift that will fit your budget, tote bags will be a brilliant choice. The low cost advantage will make it a brilliant choice for nonprofits and charity organizations to raise funds for social causes. Plus, you can draw easy attention towards your message imprinted on tote bags to enhance your donor base and volunteer support.

Logo Large Cotton Canvas Admiral Tote Bags

Easy to customize

Tote bags are available in a wide variety of materials and color choices and hence will make a perfect creative background to place your brand and message. No matter whether you add monograms, images or taglines, custom totes will meet your unique  customization needs.

Promotional Logo Large Insulated Kooler Tote Bags

You Can Style it Up

Tote bags can be styled up to make a fashion statement. Whether you adorn it with keychain charms or deck it up with bows and beads, tote bags will get an instant make over. A brightly colored oversized tote bag can be matched with both casual and formal outfits.

Custom Imprinted Recycled Fashion Tote Bags

Wearable Marketing

Your recipients will turn your best brand advocates every time they wear these tote bags. Marketers can buy totes in bulk and customize these to turn these into fashion statements that are hard to miss. Apart from engaging the audience through a green themed marketing strategy, you can create amazing works of art that other people would love to wear and promote.

Odessa Cotton Tote Bags

Word of mouth publicity

Vividly colored tote bags are hard to overlook! Anyone who sees these will be excited to know about the brand that gifted these amazing bags. Every time your recipients talk about your message, they will be setting off the much desired word of mouth publicity for your brand.

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