Before and After: How the Pandemic Changed the Workplace Dynamics

As businesses reopen and people adapt to a new working normal, work places and offices are getting transformed into a safety-awareness job environment. Air conditioned , open plan offices where people sit close to each other, discuss and brain storm ideas are all becoming things of the past! Cubicles and partitioned office spaces and staggered shifts are back. At a time when less is more, emphasis is clearly on smaller teams and lesser interactions!


From Touch to No Touch

Gone are the days when business deals were sealed with the customary handshake or pat at the back for business partners. Today, with social distancing,  businesses happen from a safe distance of 6 ft away and touch free  has become the norm of the new normal business world.

Turning on and off the light switch or taps have all been replaced by speech enabled technology and touch free faucets, automatic towel  dispensers and touch less hand sanitizing stations. handouts like custom antigerm utility tools  can be considered for employees and clients to help them in their transition to the new normal .

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Covering you face

Showing your face was considered one of the most important etiquette in professional world. However, today, people cover up half their face with face masks to stay safe from germs and prevent the chances of infections. Facemask mandates means that employees don’t see each other  as they once used to!

Some of the other PPE items for your office include gloves, gowns , aprons, bandanas and a lot more.

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Learning to be Together by Staying Apart

Employees used to spend most of their day time in the company of their colleagues at work and outside the office. Now keeping a safe distance has become the way to show appreciation and care to your peers. People maintain a safe distance at all times and limit interactions wherever possible.

Social distance

Office designs get a makeover

Now office décor and style has given its way to safety and hygiene

Work stations are set up 6 feet apart

Partitions and cubicles are back

Use crowd-control partitions, and safety cone areas to keep people apart.

Social distancing measures banners  and reminders in breakrooms, lobby etc

Realigning to the Transformation of the workplace

For many employees, the changes in the work place and the way they work has been a bit distressing and disorienting.  Team members that were working alone at home may be back in office yet remain aloof.  The work may be conducted in a way that they are not familiar with! Organizations should strive to take their employees into confidence by having an open communication regarding the safety guidelines that will be in force for the returning employees. Information about physical changes to the workplace like reallocation of desks will make it easy for them to adapt the changes.

Untitled design

Shields and barriers to avoid crowding, staggered lunch breaks and restricted entry points and temperature screenings will all be part of post Covid work place settings in most organizations. Workplaces that were built for function and productivity will now be repurposed to meet the safety guidelines of the new normal world.  It is all about working as a team while keeping a safe distance apart and celebrating team spirit even when the team members cannot come closer for the customary hand shakes!

How successful will you be as a team when you are apart will matter a lot in the new normal world. What are the measures adopted by your organization to switch over to the new w normal world? Share with us on our facebook page