Beautiful Mailer Gifts for Holiday Events

Mailer items are effective to convey your holiday wishes, spread brand awareness or raise funds for a social cause,

Though personal interactions have resumed as normal life returns, businesses still find mailer gifts useful; to reach out to their remote employees and clients. Here are some popular and well retained custom giveaways that you will find interesting.


Physical calendars still remain a business staple in today’s digital age. Everyone needs Calendars to keep track of their assignments and meetings. You can count on them being used — daily- that too for an entire year. Choose from various models like wall calendars, desk calendars, pocket calendars and more. Moreover, it is a promotional item that definitely gives you bang for your buck. These are especially appropriate at the end or beginning of a new year.

Stress Relievers

Business meetings can be tough and tiring. Custom stress balls will definitely help your prospects to enjoy a laugh , relax the muscles and be attentive during meetings . You can also imprint your brand, message and taglines to perfectly fit the client’s company. In addition, these come in tons of different shapes to fit almost any industry, such as sport balls, animals, hearts, stars and more.

Wireless chargers

Looking for a gift that will wow your audience that too without breaking your budget? Consider wireless chargers. An appropriate gift for the digital audience, these high visibility handouts will surely show how valuable their relationship is to you. They’re a perfect blend of technology and usefulness. Just the right size for the mailers , these handouts will really  impress your audience.

Also, these trending tech accessories often make a great conversation topic in the social circles of your audience. Nobody can  resist these highly functional custom gifts. Above all, it will remain in plain sight of the audience as a constant reminder of your meeting without you having send reminder emails!

Lip balm

Set aside the dry lip woes that comes with winter season by handing out custom lip balm that will keep the lips soft and healthy in the frosty season. Choose from a wide range of shapes and flavors to suit the preferences of your prospects. Compact and light weight, these mailer gifts will ensure a grand brand display all round the year and not just in winter!

Are you ready to order some mailer gifts for your upcoming events? It will indeed make your event a success. Get in touch with us today.