Awareness Events Calendar For The Month Of October

October is not just about Jack O lanterns, falling leaves and autumn colors! This month has to its credit a lot of awareness events too. For marketers who wish to associate themselves with these awareness events will find the list below useful.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is Breast cancer awareness month, which means it is a perfect time for marketers to join hands to spread awareness and raise funds to prevent this killer disease. Some of the promotional items that can be considered include pink ribbon magnets, pink magnetic memo clips and ribbon badge holders among others.Promotional Jumbo Size Pink Ribbon Magnetic Memo Clip Holder

Adopt a Dog Month
Man’s best friend needs a loving home for life! Spread awareness about the cause of adopting a dog this month. You can even run a fund raising event for the welfare of homeless dogs. Some of the items that can be put on sale include doggie bags with dog bones, gold rimmed box with dog bones and logo imprinted small dog bones among othersCustom Logo Imprinted Doggie Bags with Dog Bones

Children’s Health Awareness Month
Healthy children make the bedrock of a healthy nation. During children’s health awareness month Health professionals and health organizations across the United States organize through various activities and events. Business owners, schools and communities can also plan various awareness events to make a pledge towards providing a healthy future for children.

Customer Service Week (October 3rd -7th)
This makes a perfect time to reward customer representatives, enhance the quality of customer service in your organizations and hand out appreciation gifts to your customers to show how much you care for them.

Dental Hygiene Month
It is observed to make the general public aware about maintaining good oral health. Dentist offices, schools and youth clubs can all participate in the event by handing out appropriate custom gifts like tooth shaped stress relievers, tooth shaped banks, custom tooth paste squeezer, travel tooth brush , custom tooth brush holder, dental hygiene coloring books and more.Personalized Visit To The Dentist-A Tooth Tale Coloring Books

Energy Awareness Month
October is National Energy Awareness Month, during which builders and home buyers are encouraged to employ energy saving measures and green home themes for prosperity and environmental well being. Marketers can hand out promotional items like ecofriendly flashlights, home shaped keychains, energy saving coloring books and mini chargers among others.Customized Be Wise with Watt the Energy Saving Owl Coloring Books

Fire Prevention Week (October 9th -15th)
Fire accidents are alarmingly common in the country. On a rough estimate a fire scare is reported every 24 seconds and one structure fire was reported every 64 seconds. Fire prevention week is observed to make the public aware of the cause of fire accidents and safety measures and to honor firemen who risk their lives to prevent accidents. Business owners who wish to be part of this event can consider logo items like fire safety bookmarks, fire fighter themed coloring books , fire chief logo pens, fire truck shaped keychains and fire helmet shaped erasers among others.Logo Imprinted Fire Helmet Shaped Die Cut Erasers

Healthy Lung Awareness Month
During this month, the importance of breathing healthy and spreading awareness on the risks of smoking is highlighted. Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women and about 14% of all new cancers are lung cancers. In 2016 about 224,390 new cases of lung cancer are expected to be reported, which shows the gravity of the issue. Cancer clinics, health insurance companies and fitness clubs can all hand out appropriate logo items like lung shaped pencils to highlight their brand and healthy lung message all at once.Custom Imprinted Lungs Shaped Pencils

Red Ribbon Week (October 23rd -31st)
It is observed as an awareness campaign against alcohol, tobacco and other drug related violence and prevention. Red ribbon magnets , ribbon clips and ribbon keytags are some of the gift items to consider.2.6875x2.25 Customized Ribbon Shape Awareness Full Color Magnets

Vegetarian Awareness Month
October as Vegetarian Awareness Month was established by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977. During this month you can spread awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism, educating the public about the health and ecological benefits and encouraging the public to try out a vegetarian diet. Some of the gift items to consider include coloring books, pumpkin shaped stress relievers etc.Custom Printed Pumpkin Shaped Stress Relievers

National Book Month
At a time when printed books are being replaced by online books, events such as this will enhance the book reading habits of the general public. Schools, clubs and business organizations can actively participate in this event by handing out logo gifts like story books, book marks, highlighters and pens and pencil sets among others.Logo Imprinted My Storybooks - Fire Safety

Halloween, October 31, 2016
Celebrate the spooky fun of Halloween when goblins and witches prowl around and scary costume ideas pop up in everyone’s minds. Looking for a logo gift for a Halloween themed promotional event or a party favor for a spooky costume party? Check out some of these items like pumpkin shaped stress relievers, candies and trick or treat tote bags among many others. Make sure to imprint scary images, quotes and more to make it go well with the day’s theme.Custom Small Candy Promo Pack with Full Color Decal

The month of October has many other big and small awareness events, which will give all the business owners a wonderful opportunity to be part of a social cause while they promote their brands. Shop right away!

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