Are you ready for Cyber Monday and Black Friday marketing campaign

Cyber Monday works on the same lines as Black Friday except that it occurs in the virtual world rather than real world. Customers make the most of the amazing deals and the latest gift items from the comforts of their home by shopping online.

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The term “Cyber Monday” was coined way back in 2005 by after they noted a steep jump in the online sales figures and Internet traffic on the first day of work after the holiday weekend.

The overwhelming success of Cyber Monday has spread not just in USA but all around the world including Canada, the United Kingdom and all over Europe! Cyber Monday helps the shoppers to grab the best deals without having to jostle with the massive Black Friday shopping crowd.

The study by the International Council of Shopping Centers on Black Friday Shopping trends show that 59% of shoppers plan to make a purchase at a physical store over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Cyber Monday also has become more popular in recent times because of the convenience and the attractive deals that it offers. While Black Friday shopping is all about the excitement of mall shopping, watching the Santa and Christmas decorations and the abundance of choices. However, aged customers or families with small kids will all find the massive crowd and mayhem of Black Friday a bit too much to handle. The best part is that the shoppers need not take leave from work to handle their shopping errands as they can take a peek at the brimming online stores during their lunch recess or break time.

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Interestingly though Cyber Monday was considered as a day for exclusive online shopping activity, 32% of Americans are expected to shop in retain stores on Cyber Monday this year.

Some of the latest Thanksgiving weekend spending patterns indicate that :

  • Shoppers will be spending 60% of the total shopping amount on holiday gifts for others
  • 29% of the shopping budget will be spent on non-gift items for themselves and their household while 11% will be spent on non-gift items for people outside their house.
  • 82% of Customers will continues to research online and compare prices before making purchase.

By choosing shopping sites that are reputed, consumers can indulge in a safe and interesting shopping experience. With most consumers using smart phones these days, Cyber Monday will see an increased use of mobile shopping apps too. So are you ready to build up your Cyber Monday marketing campaign?

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