Adopt a Back-To-School Attitude At Office – It Works!

Typically we all have a kid that refuses to grow up within us. Celebrate the Peter Pan in us by bringing out a back to school promotional theme for your business organization. Carrying a back to school attitude to office can benefit everyone as it infuses a playful theme to the otherwise bland workspace. It will enhance the productivity levels of employees and will inspire them to be more creative and happy. Reports show that employee satisfaction will lead to up to 12% of increase in their productivity.

Back-To-School Attitude At Office - It Work

Shop for New uniform

For kids, shopping for new school uniform is the most interesting activity of the back to school event. Likewise businesses can order a fresh set of corporate T shirts imprinted with your brand and message for the summer promotions. Give your wardrobe the freshness it deserves by adding some work essentials for your employees for their closet.

Customized Port and Company Cotton T-Shirts

Set Reading Goals

Add some play at work by encouraging your crew to read more by handing out custom gifts for those who read the most. It will promote and revive the reading habit in youth and will make the individuals well informed, complete individuals.  Some of the custom gifts that can be considered include highlighters, bookmarks, pens and more. Customize these with your brand, message and artwork which will encourage the employees to explore the world of books. Drive up the fun of the event by organizing a friendly competition within the office. Announce employees who have read the specific number of books by the certain date and celebrate the accomplishments with a team lunch or happy hour. You can even set up a department book club, which will keep your team more engaged and inspire them to apply the newly acquired thoughts at the business.

Brainstorming activities

Think of some interesting brain storming activities, music and ideas to get your team involved. Review everyone’s ideas that can be incorporated into the project. This method is helpful because it could spark ideas from the whole team and will make everyone involved in the exercise.

In –house friendly competitions

Friendly competitions go a long way in team building and bonding and spark interaction between different teams. This will encourage participation and increase employee satisfaction in the workplace. Some of the games that can be played include Ping-Pong, water balloon catch, putt –putt and more. Give prizes for the winning team and host a corporate picnic or BBQ at the end of the day.

Make the New Employees feel Special with A Welcome Gift 

Exciting yet intimidating, the first day at work is a lot like the first day at school. Overwhelming yet great to be learning new things, a new recruit will have mixed feelings in his mind on his first day at work. Make them feel at home by handing out a custom gift bag that will tell them how special they are to the organization. Some of the items that can be included in the gift bag include pens, notepads, water bottles, earbuds and more. Customize these with your brand and message to make it truly unique and personal. . Also include business cards, marketing collateral, the best places to lunch out and in fact anything that are of help to them. It will make a nice gesture to welcome your new employees and to keep them happy and stress free on their first day at work.

Thinking about our old school days can make us feel nostalgic; you can still make the play theme into the work lives by incorporating a back-to-school attitude that is all about fun and joy, which will lead to a higher productivity as well. Have you used back to school attitude at work? Share your thoughts and ideas with us at the comments section below.