Add Bounce To Your Summer Branding With Custom Beachballs

Let’s be frank about it! Nothing says summer like the sun, sand and of course the beach balls. Be it a corporate party, a beach promotional event, a school field day or a family reunion, personalized beach balls can add oodles of fun and laughter even to a low key event. Low in cost yet high in popularity, these logo items will make perfect handouts that your recipients will use time and again, earning your brand consistent impressions. Your brand on beach balls will stay in everyone’s minds! Beach balls can be used to play a game of beach football , a game of throw or even as volleyball or in treasure hunt. Everybody in the family including the pets will love to have a go with these huge and lightweight colored balls. However beach balls are not just fun toys, here are some of the other quirky ways you can make use of the promotional capability of beach balls.

Add Bounce To Your Summer Branding

As decorative arches

Custom Beach balls can be used to build an imposing beach ball arch during your upcoming beach party or outdoor tradeshow for your guests to walk underneath. It will grab the attention of everyone in no time and will make a cost effective way to put your brand on display.Custom 16 Inch Multi-Colored Beach Balls

In work out sessions

If you are planning a community health run of a physical education campaign anytime soon, make sure to place order for some custom beach balls. The light weight and soft construction will make it easy for everyone to catch and manipulate beachballs. Ball games are found to enhance the agility, and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and gross motor skills among kids. Reports show that throwing, catching and passing beach balls improves muscle response time even in children with disabilities. So, schools and healthcare institutions can think of making custom beach balls as part of their promotions.

Fun games

Beach balls are light weight and soft, which makes it safe to be used in a variety of fun games unlike other types of balls. You can device any games to suit the skills of the participants during family reunions, school spirit events and more. Even toddlers love to bounce or roll down these balls. Easy to move yet difficult to control, these gentle giants offer loads of fun for everyone. Imprint your brand and message on these to make sure that your brand is put on a high speed trail.

16 Inch Multi-Colored Beach Balls that are available in a range of vibrant colors will make a wonderful option to consider. If you are looking for some shimmer and glamour to the beach balls, look no further than these custom luster tone beach balls, which will make a perfect choice for your upcoming trade show, pool party, beach wedding, fundraiser and more.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom beach balls and choose a model that you find suitable. Which custom beach balls are you planning to employ in your promotions? Share it in our comments section.

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