A Quick Guide On Promotional Products for Hotel Industry

Hotel industry gets more referral customers than probably any other industry. So, leaving a positive impression on their guests could make a crucial difference in the popularity index for any hotel. So, what could be the best way to make sure that a service that is not used frequently gets remembered? How to make sure that your guests keep cherishing the good times they had with you?


Custom gifts that compliment your services will make a great way to guarantee that your customers aren’t going to forget you anytime soon! Personalized giveaways will go a long way in maintaining customer loyalty, especially for businesses like hotels that are not providing an every-day service.

Vacations and travel are the best things in life for most people. It gives a great opportunity for people to reinvent themselves, to relax and above all take home memories of a life time. When your brand becomes part of their holiday memories, it will be a truly priceless and subtle form of promotion. Your guests won’t help coming back for more!

Leave a  Good Impression

Hotel promotional products are not just brand reminders; these will provide your contact details to your guests when they wish to re-book. Make sure to add all the details in a creative way so that it won’t turn the gifts into glaring billboards that your guests may not be keen to use.

Customer-friendly form of advertising

 Freebies will leave a great positive impression about your business. Reports of Advertising Specialty Institute found that recipients who get custom gifts are 2.5 times more likely to develop a positive opinion about an organization.

Great impressions

Customary promotional tools like billboards, brochures or online ads have a very short shelf life, which makes these less effective in boosting your brand loyalty. Popular promotional items like T-shirts and Tote Bags make thousands of impressions during their shelf life. Every time, your recipients use these high utility gifts, your message will get a wider and fresh audience.

Here are some great gift ideas for hotel industry

Towels and spa kits
Towels and spa kits will make a great way to get your message in plain view of your customers more often. It will help to make your brand familiar to the users and build customer loyalty manifold than the complimentary shampoo and soap pack! Brand them with your name and logo  to enhance the brand recall of your first time guests.

Reflections Manicure Sets

Personal care items

Personal care items like nail clippers, compact mirrors and hot and cold packs are great choices as well. Everybody loves to stay well groomed always and these logo items will sneak in your brand into the hands of your guests – literally! It is a great way for them to remember you , when they are back home and get inspired to come back again.

Rectangular Mirrors

Hand Sanitizer

Health is wealth! Hand sanitizer sprays, gel and pumps will make a great custom gift to show that you take care of the wellness of your guests. Hand sanitizers are often shared among family members and friends- and your message will get the much desired word of mouth publicity.

Spray Pen Hand Sanitizers - 7 Colors

Customized T-Shirts

Apparels have always been the most popular promotional item. The generous imprint area on  custom   T shirts make a captivating billboard that is hard to get past. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt afterall? It makes a great wardrobe item to enhance or tone down a dressing style as per the needs. The big plus- almost everybody wears them.

Evergreen Roots73 Men's Short Sleeve Tees

T-shirts are available in a wide range of popular sizes and trending colors and these meet the scope of any type of branding. Will you place your bet on T shirts- easily one of the most versatile hotel giveaway items?


Help them plan their next vacation with these custom calendars. Studies show that 21% of consumers own a promotional calendar in the US. These will help your guests strike off the days until their next vacation while your message imprinted on it will make sure your customer won’t forget you.  Consider wall calendars with tourist destinations and natural spectacles that showcase the best things to explore. It will make a great reminder to your customer of what they’re missing.

2020 American Scenic Stapled Wall Calendars


Drinkware items are one of the most popular custom products for hotels and restaurants.  These nondescript mugs have been bringing back customers for several years! Choose from a wide range of colors and models to get your brand on coffee tables!  You can also consider water bottles, thermos mugs or even reusable straw kits! Your recipients using these everyday items will seriously think about their next vacation faster than they ever did!

15 Oz Personalized Dual-Grip Travel Tumblers


Massive and colorful, custom umbrellas remind your customer of the sunshine and even the fun of the drizzle during their vacation.  Handout an umbrella for your guests and they will thank every time the skies open! Let’s be frank about it- an umbrella is a pretty useful gift for most of us to receive.  Choose from a range of models like golf umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas or mini umbrellas to suit your promotional needs. Umbrellas in any shape and size are great! Guests will take these home and use for a long time.

Auto-Open Wood Shaft Fashion Umbrellas


Always on use, nobody can ever own too many pair of sunglasses! Everyone needs sunglasses in their life – for the parties, for the beach, during road trips or even to enhance their dressing style. Most people even have a pair in their car, another on their office desks a third pair in their bags- the list goes on and on. Everyone will thank you for an extra pair of sunglasses and that is what makes these the best promotional products ever. Even their snaps and social media pictures will flaunt your logo and message. Sunglasses are indeed gifts that keep on giving.

Rainbow Malibu Sunglasses


For winter promotions, jackets and fleece apparels will make a great choice. Designed to last long and look great, these jackets will get a lot of attention during the stay and even after they check out. Comfortable and cozy to slip on during chilly evenings, custom outerwear have incredible staying power.

 Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the best promotional items in terms of impressions. Reusable and eco-friendly, these custom gifts have become one of the most well retained promotional items. The big plus- these will highlight your green credentials and social commitment as well. Tote bags are great for the beach, shopping days and even to the library. Your recipients will use it almost daily while your brand makes impressions. You can even make these attractive totes your welcome bag that will ensure more return for your investment and create goodwill.

Poly Pro Printed Tote Bags

Custom  Hats

Wearables are proven ways to inspire your recipients to use these more often. Custom hats will make a high visibility promotional item for your hotel while the guests will get a useful gift.  Put your brand in plain view of everyone around with these custom gifts that are never missed!

Marathon Lightweight Sports Caps

Tech accessories

 Wireless earbuds  or Power Banks are some of the many custom gifts that can be considered. Travel and holiday season is a challenging time for most people to charge up their devices and stay connected with the world outside. Power Banks help everyone to keep their gadgets up and ticking anytime, anywhere- not just during holidays but all across the year. It will make a great reminder of their stay plus it will be appreciated as they might have forgotten to bring one with them.

UL Listed Round Metal Power Banks

The above list is just a taster of what lies ahead for you. Choices are innumerable; there are custom products to suit any budget or any creative marketing idea. So, browse our complete line of custom gifts and make these custom products take over the publicity work for your hotel or resort.