A Quick Guide on Custom Banners and Signs

Banners and signs are original printed marketing tools that have been used for a long time to advertise events and shout out political campaign messages among  others.  Banners are attention grabbing and effective in all types of promotions. Here is a quick guide on the best ways to customize banners and use it in your marketing events.


 A combination of text and graphics is the best way to make custom banners easily noticeable. Displayed in high traffic areas and public places, banners and signs will take your marketing into a higher level with ease.  Include a catchy tagline, key message, information of events and an artwork that supports the text.

Printed Single Sided Presidential Campaign Coroplast Signs

Why banners are important?

Banners are everywhere; just cast a glance around in  any town or city and you’ll see colorful displays at every turn. Here are some sound reasons that make banners, flags and signs crucial marketing items.


Banners are budget friendly and are available in every price rate and awide range of sizes and models.

Printed Double Sided Coroplast Political Signs with H Frame

 Enhance your multichannel campaign. When an audience sees advertisements in different formats, it helps them to remember your message better, Custom banners can be put to use to diversify your marketing campaigns even further.

Customization options

Banners offer ample customization options. Choose a graphic design that stir emotions and make a deeper connection with your audience.  Use bright colors and bold strokes to make heads turn and make people curious about your message. A clever use of brilliant colors can direct the viewer’s attention to your key message  easily.

Double-Sided Opaque Vinyl Banners

Massive imprint space

Banners are available in various sizes and shapes. Make sure to choose a model with adequate imprint space for you to portray your message effectively. Putting a lot of information on the banners may make it look cluttered. Make sure to use  short an crisp messages to  engage the audience. When using artworks, add only essential text and keep other design elements to a minimum.

Printed Banner Display Kit

Font size

The tone, font and its sizing will have a huge bearing on your poster design. Make sure that the font is easily readable from a distance. Your message should reach even those who may have visual and cognitive challenges, including dyslexia or color blindness. Use as little text as possible to get your message across effectively

Bold fonts will easily draw attention of the viewers. Keep a power packed headline that sums up your event is the most effective way and convey all the important details about your event or product.

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