A Guide on Spring Promotional Giveaways

Spring season is undeniably one of the most colorful seasons of the year. The flower beds in full bloom set a fantastic spectacle against the fresh greenery that nature flaunts. The bright blue skies and the pleasant weather drives the crowd to the grand outdoors.

 For businesses, seasonal promotional products offer a great way to get their brand outdoors and engage the crowd with their message. Studies show that people when they are in a holiday mood are more likely to register your promotional message in their minds than at other times.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular outdoor giveaways that will enhance the experience of your audience and make your brand part of their fun moments.


Custom towels are something everyone needs during outdoor activities like beach fun, pool parties and picnics. Businesses can create their own unique towels imprinted with their logo and message that will be crowd favorites in outdoor swag.  Towels offer incredible customization options. Think of something interesting like fun quotes, peppy taglines or anything else you can think of. Detailing is what makes your merchandise memorable.

Custom towels are a great way to enhance your vacation rental.  It will enhance their holiday experience while setting your brand apart from the competitors. Win-win. Choose from a wide range of sizes, material choices and colors to match the preferences of your audience.

 Who doesn’t love to feel unique ? Personalized towels will do just that! Perfect for children and adults, families and friends, premium quality  towels will make lasting reminders of your brand and will enhance the brand recall of your prospects.

Towels are highly practical and will remain in plain sight of your recipients at all times. Thus, they remain engaged with your brand in a subtle way without feeling overwhelmed. So, if you want to enhance your guests’ vacation, look no further than custom towels. Go all out; the only limit is your imagination.


Blankets are highly useful, classic giveaways that will look great with your logo. They are light-weight, multi-seasonal, and are offered in various models and color choices . From foldable picnic blankets to cozy fleece blankets and everything in between, you will find a lot of interesting options. Customize with your artwork,   message or more to turn them into great gifts and a well deserved treat for your audience.


Casual and fashionable alike, hoodies will make everyone truly photo ready during their outdoor holidays. Available in a palette of colors, hoodies imprinted with your logo will always make heads turn! Design the way you wish and see how your recipients turn into your best brand ambassadors.


Hats are indeed a fashionable way to stay UV safe outdoors while being hands free . Moreover, it will also relieve them of the cumbersome task of having to carry an umbrella at all times . Available in various trendy models and colors, custom hats can also be imprinted with your logo or artwork to make your message on top of their minds. So, keep the sun off the faces of your prospects while showing off your brand in style with custom hats. There is something for everyone! Further, hats will appease all ages, genders, styles, and tastes; so think of something as unique as your brand is!

Insulated Water bottles

Whether it is hot cocoa or chilled lemonade, insulated water bottles will surely cater to all the refreshment needs of your recipients. Designed to hold the drinks in the desired temperature, water bottles will also make a great investment, considering its incredible branding potential.  

Personalized giveaways for the spring season will also make your brand stand out and have prospects coming back again and again. Place your orders right away and get ready for a successful branding campaign.