8 Most Popular Promotional Products For July 2015

Everyone is excited about summer! So, here is a handy checklist of some of the most popular gifts doing the rounds this month for those marketers who are yet to make up their mind on gifts for their clients.

Promotional New Balance Compu Backpacks

  1. Sunglasses
    Summer is about sun and its blinding rays and do you need any other cue to pick out the top in the line promotional gift for this summer? Yes, you got it right. It is sunglasses indeed. From the bright and quirky Tye Dye sunglasses to the ever popular Malibu and classic sunglasses to the flashy neon sunglasses and kids’ sunglasses, we have an assortment of these value added promo gifts for everyone and every occasion.
  2. Frisbees
    With the beach fun taking the center stage in summer, can there be a better gift idea than Frisbees to lure your customers? Imprint your logo and business message on the generous imprint area of these flying discs and make sure that your message goes places. The best thing is that Frisbees are designed to last a long, which means your logo will never ever stay out of their attention!
    custom imprinted 22 oz game day stadium cups
  3. Stadium cups
    Summer time is also the time of concerts and sports events, so stadium cups will make a brilliant hand out this season. Perfect for barbecues and outdoor concerts, everyone will love to carry around these trendy cups and should we say that your logo will be put on a brilliant display too.
  4. Koozies
    Koozies are something that everyone will need during outdoor holidays. So make sure that your customers have all the fun without being bogged down by the rising temperature outside by handing out these handy promotional products that will keep their drinks well chilled and preserved.
  5. Back Packs
    Travel time is backpack time for most people. So why not hand out these promotional back packs from ProImprint to satiate their travelling and toting needs. Just imagine the exposure that your logo gets every time your clients set out on a trip!
  6. Tote bags
    Eco friendly canvas or cotton tote bags will be good options to spread your green credentials along with your business message. These brightly colored bags will go well with the bright summer vibes around.
  7. Wine chillers
    Wine chillers will make sure that they don’t end up with messed up drinks when they are dealing with products that are temperature dependent. Offered in a range of bright and bold colors, these wine chillers will make perfect gifts for the ongoing summer promotional campaigns.
  8. Stress relievers
    Last but not least, stress relievers too make sensible gifts this hectic holiday season as these will help them to stay grounded and relaxed as they go through a roller coaster of ticket and hotel booking, transit and check in and check out!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our impressive collection of summer business corporate gifts at ProImprint and choose the one that go well with the season and brand theme and make sure that your business message is well seen!

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