7 Super Easy Tips To Make Your Business Grand Opening Special

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the contemporary history  by virtually shutting down the world and forcing businesses to take a fresh look at the way they function. Now that the pandemic scare is a bit under control, start-up businesses that might have put their grand opening plans under hold may be planning to make a start.


Here are some tips  that ensure safety and success for new businesses.

Go Tech forward

Make  your announcement go viral through social media platforms and  Facebook Live. Make use of the live streaming service that enables you to share videos of the event with your followers, to ensure a  realistic experience. Put on your creative caps to make the event cool and creative. Some cool decorations, a pumping sound track and a couple of inflatables at the door- options are all yours. Just go all out!

Community support

New business owners can seek the support of their Chamber of Commerce to keep themselves updated about sponsorship opportunities and networking events. It will take your message farther and wider, which can be of crucial importance for a new business. If your customers know that you are part of a chamber of commerce, there is a higher chance for them to visit your stores.

Offer digital services

Are you in a business niche like fitness clubs and gym that are keeping the doors shut for a little longer considering the pandemic risk?  You can offer online services and keep the interest on. Offer virtual training and send free custom gifts like exercise bands or imprinted yoga mats for new  members. Offering online services is ideal for all types of brands and retailers considering the fact that 75% of people in the US have a smartphone. You can virtually reach just about everybody through online platforms.

Printed Exercise Bands

Discounts and deals

New businesses like yours need to come up with some exciting discount deals to beat the competition. Offer discounts that are hard to resist. BOGO ( Buy One get One free), raffle prizes, fun contests, discount vouchers–options are limitless; come up with some great deals that will keep your audience engaged.

Take Pre-orders and  Reservations

Taking pre-orders will go a long way to prevent crowd and follow social distancing. Encourage your customers to make pre-orders and reservations well in advance to ensure a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience.

Keep a Limited Product Inventory

 Offer just the most essential services and products and maintain a limited inventory to save money on purchase costs. It will ensure more cash flow to replenish stocks and will help to avoid dead stocks.

Your customers deserve an  Opening Party

It is better to be late than never! Make sure to hold an opening party ( belated)  when things are back to normal. It will be a great gesture to show that you care and to build your network by extending your warm wishes to those nearby.

Now that you have some solid tips to make your new business opening a success, you can start planning right away!