7 Instagram Christmas Giveaway ideas for Businesses

There is always a rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas. From thanksgiving to black Friday to cyber Monday to Christmas to New Year, there is a lot to cover and you may definitely run out of promotional ideas! If you are in such a paradox, here is something just for you! We are bringing you seven Instagram Christmas giveaway ideas for businesses.

Instagram is a smart media and you won’t find something better than Instagram, to conduct a giveaway! Instagram giveaways can make your network-wide, infusing more interactions and engagements. Here you can make a bunch of new customers within no time. So stop looking for traditional ideas and try these smart ideas to give a boost to your business, this Christmas season. Just dig in and find your giveaway ideas right now!

1. Coupon Giveaway

If you are into a last-minute rush sale, there is nothing better than coupon giveaways! You simply have to generate a coupon code and circulate it among your audience. This is where your social media engagements get converted into sales. Publish your coupon codes across all the available social media channels and let your customers notice. Make your coupon exclusive to Christmas by adding the word ‘XMAS’ into it.

2. Partnering Giveaways

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Partnership Giveaways are getting fancier nowadays. You just have to get a cool partner to plan your giveaway. Administering a partnered marketing campaign allows you to promote your brand and products to not only your audience but also your partner’s audience. This way, you will get more exposure in very less time. If you are into brand awareness rather than a sale, this is the best giveaway for you! The only thing to focus here is to choose a partner with a good number of followers. If your partner has more followers, chances are high for you to get noticed among a huge audience. This Christmas, try partnering with some cool service providers and offer something extra cool your prospects!

3. Photo Contest Giveaways

Photo contests can be done in so many ways. You could tell your audience to post photographs with your products with a dedicated hashtag. These photographs will reach out to their follower circle and this can bring you more reach. Otherwise, you can ask your customers to send you their photographs. You can then post these photographs in your Instagram and tag them. The photo with maximum likes could win the giveaway! In such cases, the participants will promote their posts among their friends to score likes. This will let you get more engagement!

N.B: Photo contest may take one week or more to generate a great audience. So if you are planning to do one for Christmas, this is the right time!

4. Referral Contest Giveaway

This is the most promising giveaway in the history of Instagram. A referral contest helps you generate massive social engagement. There is nothing tedious in this contest. Your audience should follow your page, like your post and tag a friend in the comment section. You could also ask for multiple tags and make your Christmas giveaway more welcoming among your audience. Tagging other people in comments will let them know about your business and this will improve brand awareness. Some of these referrals would follow you further improving your follower growth.

5. Service Trial giveaways

If you are into services rather than products, this is the best giveaway! Instead of giving away a physical product, you could offer a free trial or bundle a package of the service you offer as Christmas sale. By this way, your prospects will come to know about your services. Gifting service trials as giveaways will get you more customers. Salons, Gyms, and other service providers can try these kinds of giveaways to improve their business.

6. Quiz Giveaways

Quiz giveaways are much more interesting to the audience. In quiz giveaways, you can ask Christmas questions through posts to your audience. They will answer these questions in the comment section. This will boost engagement. Instead of posting one question and choosing one among the comments as the winner, you can create a quiz series. Each day you could come up with questions. For a five day challenge, you could bring five questions and choose five winners, one for each day. This will make your prospects visit your page often for answering questions every day. Boost your engagement with quiz giveaways and gift them promotional products!

7. Sign-up Giveaways

Signup giveaways are not that common but they certainly do its magic! As a part of the giveaway, sign up links are provided here. The audience has to fill their names, e-mail ids, phone numbers and other details. Such details can be used for email marketing and hence this giveaway is beneficial to the business on a long term basis. One person can be selected randomly as a winner, but ultimately we get the information of a number of potential prospects!

It is easy to make a fortune out of Instagram giveaways. And according to Tailwind, 91 per cent of Instagram posts with 1000+ comments are either contests or giveaways! This Christmas, try one of these giveaways and promote your brand! Use promotional products as giveaway gifts. Print your brand name on your choice of promotional products and gift them on your random giveaways. Promote new products, Drive traffic to your website, and make new engagements with these last-minute Instagram giveaway ideas!

Leave a comment if you have much better ideas!