7 Glow in the Dark Halloween Game Ideas

Halloween festivities are all about spooky fun in the dark when the kids and kids at heart in ghost costumes prowl around. Here are some glow- in- the- dark Halloween games to ensure a spook-tastic Halloween! Add your own fun twist to the games to tickle your funny bones.


Glow in the dark scavenger hunt

Printed clues can be hidden inside Skull Plastic Eggs and kept along with Mini Glow Sticks to make it easy for the kids to find their clue. It will also enhance the Halloween party milieu and set a perfect backdrop for some great snapshots. The skulls can also be kept in the backyard or even in the immediate neighborhood to make it more challenging. Make sure to follow social distancing rules and sanitization to ensure a safe game.

Jack-O’-Lantern Volleyball

Jack-O’-Lanterns are used to light up the patio and complete the haunted house theme. But you can adopt this theme for a game of volleyball this Halloween! Cut out Black Vinyl in simple Jack-O’-Lantern faces and attach to color changing balls. The kids are all set to have a blast playing Jack-O’-Lantern volleyball all through the night!

Pumpkin Strobes

Glow in the dark costume party

This is probably the most interesting of all.  Choose from a wide range of custom glow products and add-ons to give a perfect glow tinge to the party. From skull  headbands,  bracelets and more, you can ensure a perfect transition to your favorite character or zombie on the Halloween night with these interesting accessories.

Skull Light Up Headband Boppers

Glow in the Dark Boo Toss

Place Glow in the Dark Necklaces around the rims to make it visible and use light up Yo Yos to make it ample fun.

Glow in the Dark Candy Hunt

Fill the light up Halloween goodie bags with candies and other glow toys including a glow stick to light up the way. These candy bags can be hidden around the house and let the kids start their search.


The classic Halloween game of Boo is perfect to be played in the dark. The children can wear skull lights around the neck, light up horns or glow bracelets as they go around the circle saying  Boo!

Glow Halloween Ghosts with Color Change LED's


If there are ghosts around, there should be ghost busters as well. Let the kids get dressed up in Ghostbuster Costume to bust the goblins and ghost that run for cover. Shoot some ghosts in your camera and spread it in social media to take the fun into the digital world.

Blue LED Bat Shaped Flashing Sunglasses

If you have more game ideas for a fun filled Halloween party, share it with us on our facebook page and join an interesting conversation.