7 Fun Activities For A Socially Distanced Halloween During COVID-19

2020 Halloween is likely to be more of tricks than treats for everyone! Though the pandemic has spoiled all the party plans, the spooky costume parties and the fun filled pumpkin harvest  of the Halloween, you can still come up with some fun activities for your employees or clients that will leave a lasting impression in their minds.


Here are some tips to plan a safe and socially distanced Halloween for offices or communities . Holidays are a great time to create a sense of connection and community and these activities will ensure that you have a great time.

Virtual Halloween Activities            

The best way to have a safe Halloween celebration is to take your fun Halloween activities online. Zoom calls and video conferencing will bring families and employees together to create some great holiday memories and fun.

Costume parties
Encourage your clients and customers to flaunt their new costume online, this Halloween and spring up a surprise. Nothing says Halloween than getting dressed up in spooky costumes that bring back the memories of ghosts and goblins!

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Online pumpkin carving contests

 Pumpkin carving and decoration is the main fun activity of Halloween. Why let go the fun of this activity because of the pandemic when you can have all the fun online? Handout prizes for the best entries to complete the fun. Bring the Halloween fun to Zoom to make it happen!

Encourage teams to create costumes or pumpkins in various categories like scariest, funniest, and most creative. It will be a great team building exercise as well.

Pumpkin Carving Scoops

Online Cooking Class

Picking up a new skill or two is great. Organize an online cooking class for your team so that they can cook a lavish Halloween feast all by themselves. Cooking has become a survival skill in the post pandemic new normal world. You can rope in a chef or better still someone from your team who loves cooking to conduct the classes. Your team will surely love this fun experience that they will be talking about for many years to come.

You can think of sending handy Halloween custom gifts imprinted with your logo and message. Some appropriate choices would be custom aprons, cookie cutter, storage containers, spatulas and so much more. It will not just make their cooking easy and hassle free but will enhance their brand loyalty as well.

Halloween handouts

Think of glow products, spooky handouts and candies as Halloween gifts. Coming to all the trick items for your Halloween bags- how about sanitizers or face masks instead of  tooth brushes!

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Now for some real world fun activities for your team!

Porch Decorating Contest

The participants have to decorate their porch or lawn  in Halloween theme using pumpkins, skulls, skeletons and any other add-ons to create a spooky theme. Drive around to judge the best decoration and announce the winners.

Pumpkin Strobes

 Candy bags

How can Halloween can ever be complete without candies? Think of some safe and creative ways to distribute custom candies for your employees and clients. Set up custom goodie bags and leave these on their door steps to maintain social distancing. It will be a really sweet gesture that your audience will truly cherish.

Cello Candy Bags with Gummy Bears

Tips to  Stay Safe on Halloween

Maintain six feet apart: Keep social distancing to reduce the chances of spreading possible  infections

Wear face masks: You may be wearing scary masks on Halloween; but make sure to wear a protective face masks over it to stay safe. Don’t you think it is even easier on Halloween!

wrapped candies: Settle for packaged candies and treats to avoid contamination

Small is sweet: Keep your party size small and set up small gatherings outdoors.

 Sanitization: Remind the attendees to sanitize their hands regularly all through the Halloween activities to limit the risk of exposure.

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