6 Smart Ways To Prevent Workplace Burnout

Workplace exhaustion has become the bane of the modern world where everyone strives to achieve more at the shortest possible time. In offices, scores of employees spend most of their waking hours in small cubicles that will all look identical and plain for an ordinary pair of eyes. Employees often have to endure workplace exhaustion as they end up trapped in their cubicles for a longer time than they prefer. Spice up the office décor and bring in some interesting ideas that will make the team rev up and above all make them fall in love with their job and their work spaces!

Smart Ways To Prevent Workplace Burnout

Stay active

Encourage your team to get up and take short walks often which will keep them refreshed and rejuvenated. Table tennis or snooker will make ideal activities for employees during break hours. Hand out pedometers to the team and announce gifts for those who make the maximum strides during the week! How about a friendly challenge of using the stairs instead of the lift or using an exercise ball in place of the office chair? Anything is fine as long as it will make the team to get up and leave the desks for a while to be back with a fresh spurt of energy and enthusiasm.

Switch tasks

Though you may have a sticky note in front of you reminding about the priority tasks, at times it makes sense to shuffle tasks to make it more effective. If writing that company newsletter is something that you hate to do the first thing in morning, you can come back to it later when you have warmed up a bit and are in full gear. Listening to some music or a cappuccino will get you in the groove nicely. If you have a flexi timing policy, make the most of it to match your personal needs and job schedules. It will ensure a perfect work life balance for everyone. The best work-life balance is different for each of us because we all have different priorities and different lives. Find the best equation that suits your life and its needs!

Meet people

In large organizations, most employees hardly meet each other and socialize because of their different job shifts or hectic schedules. Encourage your employees to talk to a coworker, share a joke or weekend plans or discuss a movie. It will go a long way in keeping the team relaxed.

Deck up the work  cubicle

Encourage the employees to deck up their cubicles as per their tastes to make it a welcoming space. A personal touch and a homely feel can be brought to the cubicle by keeping pictures of family or friends or small custom gifts that make them special. These small gestures will go a long way in making the cubicles a much more interesting place to be in every morning for your team.

Put up a few  motivational quotes on the wall that will keep them in  perfect nick, a bunch of fresh flowers or a  small plant on the work desk will all go a long way in infusing fresh life to the cubicles and make the team happier at work. It is easy and won’t cost you a fortune as well. If you haven’t thought about it all these days, get started right away.

Set up a mini library: Books will not just add sense and beauty to any space but will ensure a relaxing break during lunch breaks where the team can flip through a few pages of their favorite novel. They can even exchange books with their colleagues or create a mini library or a book club to discuss about the latest chart busters in the literary world.

Scents and Flavors: Aromatic oils and scented candles will have a soothing effect on the tired nerves of the employees. Essential oils are known for their stress busting capabilities as well, which in turn will help your team to stay focused and productive all through the day. They can even choose an air freshener of their favorite scent to satiate your olfactory senses.Promotional Meditation Wax Scented Candles

Remember, work place burnout is not something that only happens to you as anyone can be hit by this. These simple tips will make your cubicle look more welcoming. Try it out for sure and let us know which worked the best for you. By the way, how do you keep yourselves active all day at work? Feel free to add more tips to the list at our facebook page.

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