6 Last Minute Tips To Boost Your Halloween Sales

Halloween is only a few hours away and it is likely that most people might have already picked up their costumes for the party and the spooky paraphernalia to scare the day light out of their friends. Halloween has come a long way from being a day dedicated for the souls to a day of limitless fun and fervor and trick or treat excitement. Both kids and adults will go to parties wearing the spookiest costumes, set up haunted houses in their garden where giant tarantulas ( fake yet scary) hang from massive cobwebs or serve creepy cookies to celebrate Halloween fun at its best!

6 Last Minute Tips To Boost Your Halloween Sales

For business owners, like any other special celebration of the year, Halloween too is a great time to drive up the fun and spruce things up to attract more business. Halloween spending is likely to hit a record $9.1 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Party revelers will be spending more on costumes and candy than ever before. Pumpkin-themed gifts are likely to go up by 8.3% from the figures of 2016. Halloween is the second busiest season for businesses next only to Christmas. So, make the most of the lucrative season with special deals, Halloween promotional gifts, raffles and more to draw more customers.Custom Printed Rectangular Tin with Hershey Kisses

Here are some tips that will help

Bring in the Halloween theme: Deck up the stores in pumpkins, scarecrows and glow toys that will create a magical touch to your stores and bring alive the Halloween theme.

It is going to be goodies all the way! It’s incredibly simple. Nothing says Halloween than chocolates and candies. Candy is the first thing that most people associate with Halloween. We at ProImprint have an impressive collection of custom food and candy items that will leave even the most discerning sweet toothed customers floored! Choose from the classic hard candy to lollipops, gummy bears or the delightful soft candies. Do not forget to include M& Ms and Kisses that are likely to be the most popular Halloween treats all across the country this year! Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these sweet delights will leave a long lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

Pumpkin-themed gifts are likely to go up by 8.3%: Go with the popular trend of Pumpkin themed gift, which is all set to make an impressive sale, which will be around 8.3% more than what it was in 2016! We have a lot of pumpkin themed gifts for your employees, clients or customers.

  • Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil will be retained on the their fridge doors as a fridge décor items even after the Halloween festivities get over. See how easily these will put your brand on a wide display at the lowest possible rates.

1.87x2 Custom Imprinted Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil

  • Add a glow and bring in the pumpkin theme all at once to your recipients with these adorable Light Up Pumpkin Sunglasses that are born crowd pleasers. Nobody can resist these attractive sunglasses that end up as Halloween collectibles.

Custom Imprinted Light Up Pumpkin Sunglasses

  • Pumpkin Shopper Bags: These recyclable frosted design bags with a smiling pumpkin imprint will make a perfect trick or treat bag for sure. Every time they use it for shopping, picnics or the beach later on, they will be reminded of the friendly profile of your brand.

Custom Orange Frosted Pumpkin Shopper Bags

  • Halloween Pumpkin Head Pens: Pens are the second most popular handouts among promotional gifts, which makes it a high value and popular gift idea to consider. These pumpkin head pens will gather a lot of interest and eyeballs during its shelf life. Go for it!

Promotional Halloween Pumpkin Head Pens

Set up a haunted house. Setting up a haunted house will go a long way in driving up the floor traffic and to spread the word. You can keep a small entrance fee that can be used as donation for a charity. Make sure that the haunted house theme is age appropriate and family friendly so that it will attract customers and not scare them off.

Discount coupons for future purchases: Give your customers discount coupons that will bring them back in the months ahead. You can even consider a fun contest like ring toss or raffle game to give a prize to the lucky winners. All these will increase the engagement of your audience with your brand and will make them more inclined to return to your friendly stores more often.

Photo booth: With Halloween around the corner , everyone will have a perfect reason to dress up in the most dramatic fashion possible. Set up a photo booth with a perfect Halloween backdrop and costume choices for your customers to pose for snapshots that they will cherish for a very long time. You can make them sign up for your newsletter or get their email addresses to stay on touch even after Halloween!

Do you have more Halloween tips to add to the above? Share it in the comments section and join the conversation. Happy Halloween!

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