5 Tips To Host A Holiday Party On A Budget

Though it is only November, business owners all over the country have already pulled up their socks to scout for the best holiday season gifts and party ideas that their competitors might not even have thought about. Throwing an office holiday party for your employees or clients will make a sweet gesture in letting them know of your thanks and appreciation.


Apart from giving a well deserved break for your staff to relax and unwind after the peak holiday season marketing and promotional events it will make a perfect way to inspire your employees and to end the year on a bright note.

Interestingly we, the party heads at ProImprint get a lot of enquiries on not just the trending gifts in the market but also about budget friendly party tips and tricks as well. There is a notion that holiday parties can be a costly affair; most businesses might have already spent the bulk of their annual budget leaving them with just a little to spare. However, hosting a party can be cost effective if you plan it cleverly.

Now that the year end is here, it’s time to celebrate and here are a few tips on how you can do it without breaking your budget.

  1. Hold a day time party for only the employees: It works out much cheaper to host a party for just the employees instead of a family dinner party for the employees at night. You can even think of giving the staff the afternoon off to complete their holiday shopping.
  2. Say thank you: The basic idea of hosting holiday parties is to make your employees know how much you care for them and to express your thanks. Hand out thoughtful corporate gifts like pens, bags or tech gifts that they find useful at home, office and on the go. Every time they see these imprinted gifts, they will be reminded of your thank you message and make them feel proud to be part of your team.
  3. Make the party a blast: Throw in all the party staples like music, dance, fun, games and above all loads of food and drink options to make the day memorable. You can even consider a costume party, karaoke or a photo booth to drive up the party mood and for all those snap shots that will earn a permanent place in their online spaces as well. Show the world about the vibe and the light hearted profile of your business with these fun parties that will go a long way in fostering relations with your team and to make your organization surge ahead with success.
  4. Be unique: You can even plan your parties after the peak holiday season when the event space rentals and catering charges come down. Employees who might have their hands full with family parties, road trips and fun events will appreciate this idea as well. Take a poll to find the opinion of the majority.
  5. Leave a personal touch: Make it a potluck or change the venue to your backyard to give the party a personal touch. It will save you a lot of money and party planning efforts as well. Think about it!

If you have more party planning tips, share it at the comments section below.

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