5 Tips for Successful Corporate Gifting

The gesture of giving the right gifts to your employees and clients can boost their engagement with your brand.

A thoughtful gift should evidently make your recipients feel valued and loyal. But it will happen only if you manage to choose the most appropriate giveaway. Ideally the corporate gift that you choose should indeed be meaningful expressions of your brand identity to retain and engage employees.

Here are some super tips that will help you to choose the best corporate gifts around and impress your employees easily.

1. Plan ahead

Q4 is a busy time for business owners. So, it is better to start scouting for holiday gifts fairly early so that you can impress  recipients  with a well-planned gift. How early to start shopping is truly up to you. But end of October will be a great time to start gift shopping. Why because firstly, during this time shipping routes are not overloaded. Thus, you can avoid supply chain delays and make it possible for you to get your custom giveaways into your clientele before the mad holiday rush picks up!

Regarding gift delivery, the first week of December will surely be an ideal time to distribute your packages. Because your recipients are still home, before any holiday travel may occur. It is a great way to make your brand stand out and stay top of mind during a potentially advantageous season.

2. A story telling strategy

 Use the custom gifts to tell a story that connects the recipient with your company. It will make the recipients feel special and will  help them to make an emotional connection with your message. Get started by creating a concept that adds value to your recipient and reflects the identity of your company.

 It will be fun if you can offer a few gift options to your recipients. It will make sure that everyone gets something they want. Whether it is your remote team or high value clients, this feature will immensely please your recipients. Offer 3-4 gift options that your recipients can choose.  You can even categorize the gifts like food and candy, cocktail, family activities, office essentials or something similar. Include gifts that are at roughly the same price to offer a fair deal.

3. Give gift options to your customers

4. Deliver a personal note

Choosing a delightful gift is only half your job done. Add a thoughtful personal note that evokes a warm sentiment to make it truly special. Handwritten notes or video message delivered via QR code will enhance the value of your holiday gift.  It will indeed make a great way to express your personal thanks  during this season of giving.

5.Offer an incredible unboxing experience

A customized gift box will be a smart way to offer an unboxing experience for the audience. Choose a gift  that is elegantly packaged in a gift box. It will enhance the visual aspect  of the gifts and create an element of surprise in the minds of the audience. Above all, it will offer an awesome unboxing experience!

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