5 Super Tips On Holiday Corporate Gifts On A Budget

Corporate gifts show that you care; it is as sweet as sharing a chocolate with your school friend!  Custom gifts show your sense of sincerity and expression of appreciation. Here is a quick list of some slam-dunk business gifts that will look even better with your logo!

Business gift

A Mug in the Hand Is an ad for Your Brand

For holiday revelers and carolers, a Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set will make a classic and retro gift choice. It makes a trendy, old fashioned mug for the holiday season Vodka!

14 Oz Promotional Logo Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set

You can even consider Insulated travel mugs as your corporate gift: Your recipients will have a stylish way to carry hot cocoa, hot toddy or anything else that they prefer!

Printed 20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

Coffee anyone?

22 Oz Custom Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles: Brilliant colors,  18/8 Grade Stainless Steel vacuum construction with copper insulation and a sleek powder coated design will make it a hot favorite of even the most choosy tumbler fans. It prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle and allows your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. Whether filled with coffee, tea, or anything else, these stylish bottles will get your brand in the hands of your audience
22 Oz Custom Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

When in Doubt, Chocolate is the choice!

When you need a handout that will never fail, look no further than chocolate or cookies. It matches the holiday milieu and will give them a sweet reason to remember your brand too. Let’s be frank about it – Holiday or any day, Hershey Kiss Singles will be the best choice for everyone. Your brand on the 4 color label will remind them about your message.

Hershey Kiss Singles

Pens are hard to resist!

Everyone loves to get a free pen as they need it on a daily basis. A corporate pen gift set will make a great reminder of your milestone event and holiday celebrations.  Did you know that pens are one of the most misplaced items ever? Well, that makes another reason why pens make a timeless gift item. Check out some of these winning custom pens for your clients.

 Lunara Stylus Pens

Notepads are everywhere

Whether you wish to give notepads as single gifts or along with pens, these will make a great holiday gift combo. Every work desk – be it at office, school or home need these custom notepads. You have a wide range of models to choose from including those with sticky notes and calendars among others. These affordable custom gifts will sneak in your brand right on to the work desks of your recipients- No innocuous task!

Spiral Jotter & Pen with 5 Colors

These practical custom gifts imprinted with your brand are designed to enhance your goodwill and brand recall. Your recipients will have special reason to remember your brand and recommend it to others. Whoever said gifts evoke reciprocity is absolutely right!

An appreciation gift unveils the human face of your business and leaves a personalized and subtle touch to even an aggressive promotion. Happy gift giving!