5 Reasons Why Nothing Says Lunch Hours Like A Bento Box

Bento lunch boxes are everywhere- be it in schools, offices, camping grounds or homes, these small yet spacious boxes  help people carry their favorite food items and facilitate healthy eats. If you are looking for a custom gift that is new and inspiring for your next event, look no further than these kitchen accessories. Ideal as  party favors, restaurant promotional items and cookery event handouts, these will give some fresh food for thought for the prospects as well.

Lunch box

Here are some of the solid reasons that makes a Bento box a serious choice for people who love to eat food fresh and tasty.

#1.Multiple compartments

The biggest benefit of custom bento lunch boxes is their multiple compartments that will allow the users to  fill every compartment with their favorite snacks or food items. It makes a smart lunch box to pack a meal with some healthy, crave worthy and serious balanced lunch on the go. Bento boxes encourage lunch packers to carry not just a wholesome lunch but some food cravings as well.

#2. Controlled portions

These custom lunch boxes have built-in portion control that will help the user to keep a watch on the calories and what they eat. These containers set a healthy limit to what you can pack for your lunch hours and help you resist the temptation to pack a big lunch pack. It offers optimum capacity to mix and whip up a perfect meal and helps the users to avoid food wastage or over eating.

#3. Saves money

Anyone can save money by packing their lunch. It is cost effective and wholesome than takeaways or dining out at restaurants.

#4. And They’re Saving The Planet

Another big plus is that these will reduce throwaways like napkins, foil and disposable containers that will end up in landfills and pollute earth.  Bento boxes include spoon and fork for your meal time. Reusable and made to last long, these dishwasher safe containers are here to stay forever.

#5. Incredible Branding potential

Bento boxes have a high branding perspective. Every single day when your employees or clients have lunch they will be reminded of you. Lunch hours often double up as socializing hours for most people and your brand and message imprinted on these boxes will get a wider secondary audience.

Here are some models in Bento boxes that are making ripples in the market.

The Kiso Bento Lunch Boxes:  There is a large 24oz. compartment and a 12oz. side compartment which allows food separation. For a secure seal, the lid of these lunch boxes is provided with 3 locking clips. There is also a small spork utensil included in these BPA free boxes.

The Kiso Bento Lunch Boxes

Kyoto Bento Lunch Boxes Fashionable and practical, these BPA free plastic lunch boxes include a fork, knife, and spoon and Two stackable compartments that are kept in place with an outer band. These lunch boxes are Microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


Kyoto Bento Lunch Boxes

Three Compartment Food Storage Bento Boxes consist of dedicated sections for the main dish and two side dishes. Made of double wall plastic, these promotional products are microwaveable, which makes it easy for the users to heat the meals as required.

Three Compartment Food Storage Bento Boxes

Mini Two Tier Bento Boxes Microwaveable and BPA free, these two tier bento boxes will make it easy to pack and eat lunch in style. The big plus- These have double wall plastic construction and nice imprint space.

Mini Two Tier Bento Boxes

These lunchtime staples are great handouts for back to school events, food fests and more. Shop for  ultimate must – haves  that keep both your recipients and brand image healthy