5 Pocket Friendly Marketing Ideas That You Might Not Have Thought Before!

The basic aim of any promotion is to get your name out to as many people as possible at the lowest investment. Striking a perfect balance between the promotional budget and the outcome is something easier said than done.  Here are some practical ways to market your business at minimum cost and get maximum brand promotion. Attention small businesses out there, who might be looking for some smart ideas to promote their services.

5 Budget Friendly

Postcard marketing: Add a personal touch to your marketing with postcard marketing that will get your message across in a concise manner. Add a short and crispy message, a small token gift to make it more interesting and see how easily these mailers will draw the eye of your recipients. It is a cost effective way to span out to a massive audience. In this digital age of emails, postcard marketing will easily stand out for its retro charm. The best part is that it offers a tangible way to get connected with your audience and will leave your brand impressions behind for a long time. A custom gift that gets delivered in the hands of your audience will have a tremendous impact than an email that might get shoved deeper into their mailbox by the day!

Mini Sponsorships:  Volunteer for any event or sponsor a local event to make your name popular among your community. Your thoughtful gesture will surely be appreciated by the recipients and provide great exposure for your brand name. Personalized gift sets like water bottles or T- shirts make budget friendly donation items for non profits or booster clubs that will keep your name promoted over time.

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Referral gifts: Referrals fuel repeat business for businesses and the best way to encourage your customers to refer somebody will be to hand out loyalty gifts. Think of something trendy like insulated metal tumblers as thank you gifts every time your customers make a referral. You can even organize raffle gifts or social media contents and draw grand prize winners among those who referred new customers!

Business card magnets: Business cards make a tried and tested way to market your business. Your recipients will keep these attractive full color magnets on their fridge doors, thereby making your brand name familiar.  You can distribute at your store counters or in shopping bags. You can even leave a few at the community bulletin boards or restaurant tables. Customize business card magnets with attractive images, caricatures, peppy slogans or more to make it attention grabbing. We even have an extensive selection of custom gifts under $1, that will let your promote your brand and save big!

Superior Customer service : Make your customer service top notch to inspire your customers to recommend your products voluntarily. Treat your customers nicely and see how they will share your brand with others in the most natural way. Customers are the best assets for any business.  Express your thanks with some appropriate gift sets like executive pens or chocolates that will remain as tangible gifts for your brand.

If you have any more budget friendly marketing ideas in mind, please feel free to share it at our facebook page and join the conversation.

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