5 Good Reasons to Use Custom Tote Bags In Your Events

Tote bags are a fashion trend and a life style innovation for most people thanks to its ecofriendly attributes and incredible color choices.

Totes are highly useful and will cater to the daily toting needs with use. Ideal as beach bag, shopping bag or picnic bag, totes have undergone a fashion twist in recent times. Available in various fabric choices, colors and prints, there is something special for everyone in custom totes.

Here are some winning points of tote bags

Nature friendly

Totes are made of ecofriendly fabrics like jute, cotton or non- woven fabric among others that are reusable. Made of recyclable material, these bags will cater to the world wide priority need of limiting the use of plastic. Cotton totes and jute totes made of natural fibers are hard-wearing and are well recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.


Another advantage of tote bags is the long term durability and low maintenance. Designed to hold greater weight and long distances, custom tote bags will enjoy a long retention while the brand imprinted on these make consistent impressions.


Long lasting tote bags are budget friendly than disposable plastic bags and will help your prospects save a pretty penny on buying shopping bags every time. Your brand and logo imprinted on these will get a wide angle display wherever they go to make countless impressions. Win- win.

Tote bags make perfect employee gifts, fund raising items, holiday gifts bags, store promotional items and trade show swag among others. We bet, not many custom giveaways can match the versatility and popularity of totes.


Tote bags are visually pleasing, fashionable and uniquely styled. Ideal for shopping , commute or work, these versatile bags often make a great talking topic among anyone who sees it. Thus your brand on totes will get a wider exposure than you would have expected!


Tote bags enjoy premium quality design and  high precision customization possibilities. You can add artwork with fine detailing, slogan and logos with detailing to make heads turn! Make the best use of the generous imprint space of tote bags to make your message stand out and engage the audience. Plus, your message will remain in eye span of the audience without being overwhelming. These trendy bags will also give you the double advantage of being planet first and fashionable alike!


Elegant, practical and ideal for urban use, tote bags are versatile and can be employed in countless ways during business promotions. You can hand these out as stadium bags, trade show bags, beach bags or more. Back to school marketers will find totes a thoughtful gift choice for both teachers and students. The incredible color choices and designs make totes a favorite choice for seasonal promotions as well .

Get started by exploring our complete line of custom totes to choose a model that  fits your bills!