5 Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Make You Smile

Dental care industry has evolved a lot in the past decades and still continues to be one of the most competitive niches.  It is paradoxical that while everyone desires a perfect smile, most of them are fearful of the idea of going to the dentist for their regular oral checkup. Some of the patrons even take their dental care for granted and won’t bother to seek an appointment till they are in pain. It has indeed become more difficult for dentists to stand out in the competition and draw more patients through the doors.

Though skill is paramount for any dentist, marketing acumen is what brings in new patients. Here are some effective tips to market yourself and draw customers to your practice.

Mailer campaigns

A proven strategy for dentists in reaching out to customers, mailer campaigns will get your promotional material delivered right in their mailboxes. The target audience will thus get their hands on your postcard and read what you have to say.  Maximize your marketing impact by including small dental promotional giveaways like pens or tooth shaped keychains that will make tangible reminders of your service. By having a well sorted mailing list, which contains the names and addresses of your customers, you can plan an effective targeted promotion that will bring results.

Free dental check up

Spread awareness about dental hygiene by setting up free camps. The attendees can be handed out giveaways liek dental kits and floss that will encourage them to ensure proper brushing. Distribute sign-up sheets, which will help you collect their contact details for prompt follow up. It is a great way to enhance your customer base and planning target promotions.

Holiday Discounts

Since more people prefer to get dental procedures when they are free from work or school, announcing holiday deals will make a great way to enhance the footfalls. Offer discounts for your general cleaning services a week before school starts to inspire the students to drop in to start the school year with a clean set of teeth. Announcing discounts on Grandparents’ Day is a thoughtful gesture to show that you care for the welfare of the senior citizens.

Halloween is another day to come up with special deals when children might have consumed a lot of candy! Options are all yours in coming up with some creative deals that will leave your customers smiling.

Dental health Awareness events

 Educate People about dental care routines and regular check up and be a responsible dentist that is committed to open their minds about the damaging effects of poor oral hygiene. Oral hygiene books  imprinted with your logo and message will make a great handout for children to make them aware of dental care  through fun and storytelling.

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