5 Clever Ways To Rock Your New Year Promotions With Thoughtful Corporate gifts

Having a low budget need not rob off the charm and fizz of your New Year promotions. More than the dough, it is the fun ideas and creative thoughts that matter while planning a successful brand campaign. The end of the year makes a perfect time to celebrate the achievements of your team and their efforts that have gone into building your businesses. Holiday season will double pull as a great time to reward your team and to express your thanks and gratitude to make them feel special and well appreciated with thoughtful custom corporate gifts. Lack of appreciation is feted to be one of the most important factors that make employees switch jobs as per studies. Make your employees feel special and at home by handing out these personalized  gifts that will encourage them to enhance their yardstick and to fulfill all those New Year resolution success formulas!


A thoughtful gift to an employee can make wonders in his professional and personal lives as it will keep them up and ticking and motivate them to be a winner. Businesses that are on the lookout for some really special New Year gifts for their team will find these tips really useful.

Being healthy is being happy

Corporate holiday gifts that help the team to remain healthy will bring more smiles and spread cheer all round the year. Some of the gift ideas in this category include

  • Pedometers
    Shedding all those extra pounds is perhaps one of the often repeated New Year resolutions among your employees. Help them achieve this goal by handing out custom pedometers which will help them lead an active life and stay in perfect shape. Tracking your steps is a fun way to keep a tab on the calories. Choose from a range of pedometers that can be worn over the belt loop or the ever popular shoe pedometers among others. Customize these with fun quotes, artwork or brand to give it a personal touch. If your team decided to set out of a group workout, these logo items will double up as team spirit items. Custom pedometers will go a long way to make your employees take the first step towards their fitness goals.
    Personalized Single Function Pedometer with 4 Colors
  • Water bottles
    Drinking more water is another easy way to stay healthy. Hand out these reusable metal water bottles that your recipients will surely love to have on their move to ensure their daily H2O fix. The best part is that these logo items will come handy not just at home or office but during picnics, holiday travels and camping sites as well. Imprint your brand and message and see how your brand makes consistent impressions every time your recipients use these.
    Custom Imprinted 21 Oz Mojave Aluminum Sports Bottles

Another big plus is that these make great talking topics!

Being organized is Godly

Staying organized is another popular New Year resolution that most employees make, which interestingly never happens! The negative energy of a messy work table will make them lag at work and will cut a sorry figure in front of their customers and patrons. Personalize it with fun quotes or artwork to bring in more smiles. Some of the gift items in this category include

  • Desktops calendars
    When you plan for the year ahead, gift items like custom desk calendars will make a high value gift. These will help your employees to plan their schedules, weekly and monthly appointments and sales calls among others. Customize a set of calendars to put your brand on display within the office or as tradeshow handouts and as promotional gifts. A calendar makes a perfect gift idea as it will help your employees to indulge in a stress free planning of multiple projects.
    2017 Christian Desk Calendars
  • Portfolios
    Help your team to be better organized in 2017 by handing out these handy custom portfolios that will help them to make plans and to stick to it more effectively than never before. It is a professional way to highlight your brand as well and every time your recipients attend meetings and business events, these custom gifts will expose your brand in a big way. These stylish portfolios will enhance the professional identity of your employees as well.Custom Printed Eco-Inspired Spiral Jotters and Pens

Think green; think futuristic

Mother Earth will be immensely pleased with your team for making a resolution that will be a tinge greener in the year ahead. These little gestures will go a long way in making this world a better place to live for the future generations. Encourage your team to follow the golden rule of reuse , recycle and reduce to ensure optimum utilization of resources. Some of the gift items to consider in this category include

Recycled totes

Everytime your employees take these branded tote bags on a day out, your brand on these will get a lot of attention for your green credentials while your brand gets promoted subtly. Inspire your recipients to be easy on natural resources and live greener by handing out these handy items.

Wood & Recycled Pens

When every pen is a born crowd pleaser, you can very well imagine the attention that these unique wood pens will earn in its life time. Imprint your logo and message and everytime your employees use it in fairs and business meetings, these eco friendly pens will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

Did you like our custom gift ideas for New Year? Read our blog for more holiday season gift ideas, budget friendly gifts, custom gift trends and more. Do let us know about your promotional gifts ideas for the New Year in the comments section.

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