4 Retro Themed Promotional Products That You Cannot Resist

Old is indeed gold! Check out these old fashioned and classic promotional items to celebrate milestone, to satiate the nostalgia of recipients of a certain age group or simply to add a retro theme to your brand promotions.

Here are some old school gift ideas that will not just go out of fashion but will impart a retro charm to your promotions

Here are some fun ideas that you might not have even thought about

Rubik cube : Let’s be frank about! Most of us have grown up with these brain teasers that may look simple but takes a lot of effort to solve. These intelligent business gifts made of 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic will make a great promotional gift, employee gift or back to school kit items among other. Every time your recipients indulge in this puzzle, they will make a tangible connection with your brand and message. These will make excellent mailer items with news- letters, new product launch kits or thank-you treats! Imprint your logo and message on these and spread your message in a fun and light hearted manner.Personalized Rubik's 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Fountain soda tumbler : Custom 16 Oz Fountain Soda tumbler with straws possesses a unique shape reminding of the soda and milkshakes served during dinners in the 1950’s, which gives it a heady retro charm. This BPA-free, acrylic single-wall tumbler is offered with a matching color straw and twist-on lid and are available in a variety of bright colors.Custom 16 Oz Fountain Soda Tumbler with Straws

Candy dispenser with candies: These sweet delights will not just make a color work desk item but will satiate the sweet toothed recipients of yours. This retro themed gift item features a clear container that can be filled with your favorite candies. It makes a delightful way to take a walk down the memory lane and to promote your brand in a subtle and non intrusive manner. It is a perfect gift item for trade shows, gift shops, snack shops and more.Promotional Candy Dispenser with Candies

Tritan water bottles: These water bottles that ooze with an old fashioned appeal will make a great choice to consider to promote schools, health drinks, fitness centers and more. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these logo items will keep your business message fresh in the minds of your recipients.19 Oz Custom Notched Tritan Water Bottle with Loop

So, if you have been under the impression that only trending products impress customers, you could be in for a surprise with these retro themed items for sure. Browse our collection for more nostalgic items.

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