Exciting Ideas to Celebrate the End of Year at Work

The season to be jolly is upon us. It is not just about celebrating the holiday fun and vibes and the gifts under the tree. Holiday season is also about ending the year on a high. Likewise, for marketers, it s a great time to thank their employees and business associates for their support and efforts. So, make them feel special with thoughtful custom giveaways that are fit to welcome the New Year.

Selecting unique gifts for your team is surely a great way to show your gratitude. According to one study, 57% of people say they look forward to receiving an end-of-year gift from their employer. With that being said, you may need some ideas that will make this occasion truly special.

Get your team Out of Office

Create a holiday experience that your employees will truly cherish and remember. Just put on your creative caps to do something out of the box like a team activity, a holiday trip, a pampering spa experience or something else.

Plant a seed

Seeds and plants will definitely make gifts that grow and denote long-term development. It will also inspire your employees to be eco conscious and make this planet a better place to live . So, giveaways like wildflower seed packets, herb garden kits and garden tool sets with your logo and motivational message will make great options.

Raise a toast

The classic way to celebrate a successful year is indeed by raising a toast to welcome in the New Year. Wine gifts like shot glasses and whiskey glasses are good choices. You can even include a wine bottle or a gift card to make the gifts more memorable. A hand written card can obviously highlight the team’s accomplishments and individual milestones.

Relax and recharge

Help the team beat the stress of year end tasks by encouraging them to take their load off and relax. Consider relaxation gifts for your team, like an eye mask, massagers, essential oils and more. Further, it is a perfect way to show that you value your employees’ work-life balance.

Host a raffle

Engage your team with a winter raffle, and give them a chance to earn more by completing end-of-year tasks. The winners can be given interesting prizes that they will find useful at work spaces and beyond. Earbuds, backpacks and mugs are some of the popular choices that you can consider.

Get Personalized giveaways

Set aside the generic gift vouchers because holidays are the best time to get personal. Choose unique gifts that will continue to provide good times for a long time to come. From beach towels to cheese boards and games, you will find an eclectic collection of giveaways. Add your logo to ensure brand awareness while leaving your team happy. The best part is that every time your employees use these custom giveaways , your brand will get a wide angle display.

Event Pass

In addition, you can think of handing out concert passes that will enhance the holiday experience of your crew. Another option is annual leave days. It will even help your team to strike a work life balance amidst their busy schedules . Show that you consider their family time important than ever by letting your employees to keep work stress away for a while.

Team Time Out

Team building activities often feature high on the corporate party list of most people. Instead of massive events where everyone gets lost in the crowd, encourage teams to have a time-out to celebrate their little wins as a team. It will also set the foundation of the bigger achievements that are on cards. Further, organizing small team gatherings will help you involve everyone in the celebration! In addition, it will let each team to have their own time before they indulge in cross-team interaction.


Forget about consumables and food and candy gifts that people forget about quickly. Choose corporate gifts like custom apparels with your brand. It will make your team stand out in style while highlighting your corporate identity. Make your employees part of your organization by outfitting them with your corporate colors and see their brand loyalty surge.

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