30th March Is Pencil Day- Plan Your Promotions

Pencils have an old world charm that simply refuses to die down even in the age of smart phones and stylus pens. Pencils taught us that there is always a chance to correct errors and to come up with something better in our lives. Available in brilliant colors and delightful designs, these nondescript pencils have always been around our study desks. Pencil Day, which is celebrated on March 30th every year will make a perfect way to celebrate the legacy of pencils and to remember how amazing a stick of graphite in a wooden case can be!

30th March Is Pencil Day- Plan Your Promotions

Pencil sketching is fun, incredibly expressive and even therapeutic. A quick doodle is all it takes to unveil your creativity and imagination. Wipe off the mistakes and move on or rub it with your thumb to create a dramatic shaded effect. There are many people like carpenters, artists and architects who still can’t get over the idea of walking around with a pencil behind their ears in the 50s style!

We at ProImprint are so madly in love with pencils too and use a lot of these simple writing supplies at work even today. We have an exclusive, regularly updated section of custom pencils that will make excellent promotional gifts, party favors and mailer items. So, get started with these adorable writing items and we bet you will become addicted to these simple and sweet writing items in no time

Armadillo Mechanical Pencil: Named after the armor shelled armadillo for its ribbed gripper, these Armadillo mechanical pencils have a barrel offering storage area for extra graphite refills that will ensure nonstop performance for a long time. You can avail barrels of these personalized mechanical pencils in 4 classic colors. These make perfect corporate gifts and can also be used to promote schools and universities among others.Promotional Armadillo Mechanical Pencil

Jo-Bee Tri-Color Wooden Pencils: If you think pencils have become obsolete, check out these brilliantly colored Jo-Bee Tri-Color Wooden Pencils that get sold off like hot cakes! Pencils wont leak or need to be refilled like pens and the pencil marks are easy to erase unlike the impressions left behind by pens. Simple and easy to use for everyone, pencils have a timeless charm about it. These Jo-Bee Tri-Color Wooden Pencils stand out for its attractive rainbow color design and a handy eraser at its tip. These can be customized with your brand and message to make a perfect handout during tradeshows, business events and conventions.

Custom Printed Jo-Bee Tri-Color Wooden Pencils

Kool Klick Mechanical Pencils: These custom kool klick mechanical pencils are refillable and available in variety of translucent colors. It will make a perfect gift for career fairs, business events and tradeshows. Customize these mechanical pencils with your brand and message over the barrel to make it a perfect writing instrument your customers will love carrying to their office or homes. It makes an impressive employee –appreciation kit item, Back to School gift, tradeshow giveaway and more.

Promotional Kool Klick Mechanical Pencils

The mere fact that we have an exclusive day in the calendar dedicated to these ubiquitous and humble writing instruments of pencils in itself is a proof of the popularity that pencils enjoy. Celebrate the charm of Pencil Day with custom pencils from ProImprint and raise a toast to these simple and efficient writing supplies which we all grew up with!

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