30th June is Social Media Day – Plan Your Promotions

In today’s digital business world, the significance of world social media day is obvious. Falling on 30th June, this day makes a perfect time to understand the potential of social media, in spreading your word and making leads far and wide.

Social Media Day  can be celebrated by businesses, organizations, schools and even individuals to cherish the benefits that social media has provided them. Celebrate his day by posting  activities, videos and images across the social channels to stay engaged and widen networks.

What is Social Media Day?

World Social Media Day was created in 2010  by Mashable, a digital media platform.  It highlights the impact of social media  on global communication; and reinforce the digital presence of businesses on social media.

Why is Social Media So Important for Small Businesses?

Social media is a budget-friendly tool for small businesses of all kinds to enhance the brand image and attain promotional goals . it will also give small businesses a chance to connect and interact directly with end users  and gather their feedback.

Social media is a perfect platform to make your brand seen and talk about your products and services to your target audience.

The best ways to Celebrate Social Media Day

Make a  post

Obviously the best way to celebrate the day is to create posts. Whether a reel on Instagram or a post on Facebook, your brand will really show up on June 30.  You can even schedule other posts or even create a calendar of upcoming posts and digital media activities.

Free Giveaways

Impress your customers and draw new leads by handing out custom giveaways through your favorite social channel. Whether you choose to hand out a free service, a gift card or swag bundle, every gesture of yours will be highly appreciated. You can even give out  freebies for users that follow your account, comment on it or  tag another user. If you wish to have a fun twist, plan online games and contests with prizes to win.

Engage Your Audience

 World Social Media Day will indeed be a great day to engage your followers and prospects with your business by replying to their comments and queries. 

 Explore New Platforms

Further more, it is a good idea to explore all the social media channels out there and try something new to enhance your digital foot prints.

Offer an Exclusive Discount

 On the social media day, thank the online shoppers by offering an exclusive discount for those following your business and enhancing sales! In addition, create a promo code that shoppers can use on your website or offer surprise freebies to the shoppers.

 Enhance your network

Moreover, follow other users  to grow your own community and make  new connections with micro-influencers, local businesses, or prospective customers.

How do you plan to celebrate world social media  day? Share your thoughts