3 Reasons Your Competitors are using Holiday Greeting Cards to Build Client Relations

In this digital age where everything happens real time and greetings flash across smart screens and gadgets, a traditional holiday greeting card may seem a bit outdated.  However, including holiday cards into your marketing mix can be quite effective.

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Old school promotions can help you stand out easily during the busy holiday season when greeting mails crash servers and choke up mail folders. A holiday card will make a tangible reminder of your brand that will continue to make consistent impressions for a long time to come.

Why holiday cards

Make Emotional Connections

Help develop a strong business relationship with these two fold, wafer sealed  greeting cards with magnetic calendar  offered in several holiday-themed designs feature a magnetic one-year calendar that can be imprinted with your company name or logo. Spread some holiday cheer among your employees, friends and families with these greeting cards that will earn a prestigious spot on refrigerator doors and filing cabinets!

You can even add a hand written note to these greeting cards and see how these will make positive memories that bring a smile to your clients face. Your recipients will find these unique holiday cards truly special in an age where emails and text message inundate their gadget spaces, which is rather forgotten about as quickly as they get it.


Greeting Cards with Magnetic Calendar

Make clients feel special

A hand written note holds a special meaning and value unlike a text message. Studies show that most people can send a text or email in their sleep and around 10 percent of the population suffers from sleep texting disorder! Handwritten notes will make your recipients well appreciated and feel special and they will take note of the attention they get.

Build Brand Loyalty

Greeting cards are the best way to reach out to new leads and make business within the local communities. These are a priceless yet budget friendly ways to express your appreciation and gratitude for existing clients and employees as well. Versatile and thoughtful, greeting cards often end up as souvenirs and collectibles as well.

The cards you send to your clients speak a lot about your work culture and the quality of your client relations. Your personal touch will make your customers feel special and warm, which in turn will be shared among their friends and family thereby ensuring word of mouth publicity. Greeting cards make a great way to express your thankfulness to your clients while you win their loyalty.

Making a mailing list or writing personal notes will make a simple yet great way to ensure a healthy ROI in the future.  Every time someone sees these attractive magnetic calendar on the fridge doors of your clients, your brand will become their topic of discussion over a cup of tea. Your handwritten note will tempt them to drop in to your stores and explore your products.