24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid- Product video

Stay both hydrated and  fashion forward  by using these slim fit water bottles with flip straw. Your prospects will simply love to show off a sleek and stylish water bottle on their hand. The big bonus is that having a stylish water bottle will make an irresistible reason for most people to have their daily water fix without fail.

Promotional water bottles will make great handouts for businesses like sports brands, fitness clubs, schools and more. By imprinting your brand on these high utility every day use items  you can show how much you care for the wellbeing of your audience. Eco friendly and reusable, these water bottles will make a subtle way to show your social commitment as well.Branded water bottles make a proven way of carrying water and offer a prominent branding opportunity.

Water bottles are available in various trendy models including those with flip straw lid that makes it easy to use on the move. These stylish plastic water bottles also make an interesting talking topic among the users thereby setting off word of mouth publicity. Offered in a wide range of popular colors, these bottles will complement different promotional themes or tastes of your audience group.

Water bottles enjoy a long retention as people seldom discard these everyday items.  So if you are looking for long term branding in one time investment, custom water bottles will make a great option.

The product that you just saw in the video
Imprinted 24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid (PI68470) are made in USA, BPA free and FDA compliant  water bottles. Offered in a range of colors like Transparent Violet, Transparent Green, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Transparent Fuchsia, Transparent Smoke and Clear, these reusable and recyclable bottles have an eye catchy slim and cylindrical design and flip straw lid. Hand wash only.  Get your brand and message silk screen imprinted on the 4 1/2″ H x 3″ W / side imprint space during fitness promotions, outdoor activities, marathons and more.

Custom Imprinted 24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid

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