2020 Holiday Shopping Trends In USA – Infographics

Though the pandemic has played spoil sport during 2020 holidays, reports show that the holiday gift trends show an upbeat trend.


Purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones is likely to be the top priority among  holiday shoppers  this year. In total, consumers plan to spend $997.79 on gifts, decorations, food etc this year.

Travel plans get postponed

One in five (19%) holiday shoppers cancel their travel plans to stay home instead this year. This will allow people not just to enjoy homely  feasts and family time,  but will leave them with more money to spend on Christmas ornaments and holiday gifts.

Holiday gifts and ornaments get a bigger budget

(53%) of shoppers are likely to spend more on holiday items this year as they are not travelling and have more dough to spare. With 60% of consumers planning to purchase holiday items online this year, they can ensure a safe holiday experience.

Americans may spend an average of 60 U.S. dollars on average on decorations for the holiday season in 2020, which is 20 dollars more compared to last ten years.

Shopping starts early

42 percent Americans said they to start their holiday shopping by the end of October to avoid last minute rush and get the best selection and holiday deals  in Christmas gifts. The early holiday promotions let the consumers remain flexible with their holiday shopping plans.

Diverse Shopping locations

Consumers are likely to use various channels for holiday season shopping including in-store shopping, which is the most popular choice. Online shopping came a close second while mobile shopping was the third on the list.

This holiday season is likely to see many interesting holiday shopping trends in general as the gift giving season inches closer.