2020 Buyer Trends That Retailers Should Take Note Of

In the year 2020, buyers will be looking for creativity, quality and social responsibility in promotional gifts. A celebrity endorsement, red carpet event or social media hype can all make a trend. From a hyper loop to a plummeting nose dive- trends can change like quick sand as well. So, by keeping up with the trends marketers can impress their audience and ensure the best value for their money.

Budget 2020

Some trends gather momentum and advance in high speed till something big poses a challenge. This is very much true in the promo products industry.

Sustainable products make another trend to watch out for. The growing awareness of the importance of being ecofriendly is high especially among the younger buyers. Wheat straws and pens are some of the best examples for logo items to highlight your ecofriendly credentials.

Eco Paper Barrel Pens

Here are a few key trends that are likely to make headlines in the year 2020.

Social Responsibility

Younger consumers are more likely to sponsor and patronize brands with green credentials. Sponsorship hit $2.3 billion in the past year. Customers are coming forward to support products that align with their life style values and social responsibility.

Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder

So, ecofriendly promotional products that can give back to their communities and their employees will be a great choice. Sustainability is not just a fad but has evolved to be a defining social cause that’s impacting the industry.

Combo design

Products of various material choices is another  popular choice. For instance, products like ceramic mugs with cork base will ensure your recipients a feel good factor of getting something that nobody else may have.

14 Oz Cork Base Ceramic Mugs

Reduce and recycle

The ecofriendly mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle seem to have been catching the attention of everyone around especially the millennials.  So consumers may want products that are more durable and those that can be reused.  For instance, products like tote bags or reusable drinkware are likely to be top selling next year. People will like to buy better quality items and are willing to invest a bit more on products that are long lasting.

Jute Tote Bags with Front Pocket

Products that align with the life style

Everyday products that fit into consumers’ lifestyles will be trending top in 2020. For instance athleisure apparels that come handy for work and play or travel bags that are just right from the weekend ramble and a 5 day trip alike are some of the products that will see a lot of movement.

Imprinted Boundary Duffel Bags

These trends will help businesses to come up with the best store display and custom gifts for their customers.