Dunkin’ Cappuccino day and score more Starbucks!

National Cappuccino Day is three weeks ahead ( November 8th)! If you know this just now, don’t be panic, there is always time left to do some mind-blowing promotions. Never mind if you’re a latte, get your coffee and mug it up! You are really going to reach out to the public this time, scoring more star bucks! This Cappuccino day, what can you do to make a breakthrough footfall in your cafeteria? Let’s think!

Customized ceramic mugs for dine-in!

How do you serve your coffee? Obviously, hot and creamy in a ceramic cup. But if you are using random cups with no labels, you need to change! It’s time to make your own label! How? By getting customized ceramic mugs. You can print your brand name on these mugs. Isn’t that cool! Your cafeteria will get its own identity even from your cups! Now that is what we call a sensible promotion! Get customized coffee mugs for this Cappuccino day and set a new identity for your store!

Reusable plastic tumblers for take away!

Make your takeaways to the next level with customized plastic tumblers. Try supercool colors such as neon blue, neon lime, neon pink, neon purple, etc. and add your brand label on to these takeaway tumblers. As they are reusable, your promotions will stand out and would definitely make a change. Your takeaways will get a massive reach with these attractive colors! Add a twist, not just in your coffee, but also in your coffee cups!

Coasters for all!

If you are thinking that we are saying to get coasters for your dine-in tables, you are wrong! We don’t want you to place labeled coasters in your cafeteria. We want to put these on your customers’ dining room! Yes, arrange a giveaway to those coffee lovers in your customers with labeled coasters! You could see them in every home, on their dining table. Fill it with some creative or funny taglines, so people won’t ever feel bored with it!

Extra tip: It’s cappuccino day guys; it’s more than just a promotion! Attract your customers with cool offers on Cappuccino on this day! Get your offer display banner for Cappuccino day and lure those coffee lovers out there! Add colors to your interiors, decorate with balloons, inflatables, and other decorative!