How  Promotional Items Should Be and Shouldn’t Be!

The best custom  products in the marketing mix makes the trump card for all marketers. Spare some time and effort to pick up some of the most trending gifts that best represent your company.  Investing in cheap quality gifts or the wrong kind of product can  have a counterproductive effect on your promotional  activities.

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Ideally what promotional products should be

  • High utility gifts: Choose items that people use every day and are highly practical. Calendars, notepads, water bottles and totes bags are some of the many gift ideas that can be considered. Your brand imprinted on these items will get a lot of exposure and visibility. Make sure not to put your promotional dollars on items that your clients will never use or even remember about. It won’t serve the basic objective of your promotions.
  • Printed Takeaway Shopper Tote Bags
  • Choose gifts that represent your industry quite well: For instance pill boxes for pharmaceutical company, piggy banks for banks or house shaped gifts for realtors are some of the examples that can be considered.
    7-Day Release Pill Box
  • Best gifts need not be the costliest: Though there is a common notion that ideal gifts may cost you a lot, it may not be true at all. Choose budget friendly yet popular handouts that your recipients will truly value. It will help you to strike a fine balance between your budget and a successful promotion. Pens make a high utility handout on a budgetGood Value Silver Cool Grip Stylus Pens
  • Choose gifts that are versatile and gender neutral: If you expect a mixed audience as in tradeshows or business events, where you have little control over the age or demographics of the audience it is better to choose gifts that are gender neutral . It will appease everyone and get the best value for your money. Tech accessories will make a fabulous choice in this regard. The more popular your handout the more will be the brand impressions for you.

Silicone Phone Stand With Wallet

  • Fun gifts are excellent crowd pleasers: Business promotions need not be serious and boring affairs. Choose fun items like mop topper  pens, rubber ducks, playing cards or any other toys that everyone will like  to engage your audience with your brand. Often custom gifts that are simple and fun with a low sales pitch will make a perfect option.

Moptopper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pens

Promotional Products Shouldn’t Be:

  • A replica of your competitors gifts: Though it is a smart idea to think what your competitors are giving away, do not use the same gift ideas. Be unique and original and choose a product that matches your product line and business theme to have the desired impact.
  • Bizarre gifts: Desist from giving cheap and tasteless gifts that nobody knows where to hide! Make sure that the handouts match your corporate identity.
  • Outdated models: handing out outdated models like tech accessories that no longer support modern day gadgets is another pitfall to avoid. Use the most trending gifts that people will be excited to get.

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