Why Stress Busting Custom Gifts are Good For Your Remote Employees

Working from home has been the norm for many organizations for the last two months. Employees have been working from their quarantine work space — sweatpants on, hand sanitizer ready and emergency snacks stocked up.  It is easy for anyone to get bored and depressed at times as days pass by without seeing anyone face to face other than just the inmates of their house!


So, businesses can hand out custom gifts that will cheer up the employees and keep them feel connected with the organization even when they are away. Your message and motivational quotes imprinted on it will surely provide the stimulus that drives them along the remote working days.

Here are some hand outs that you will find interesting

Metal tumblers

For most people, a typical work day starts with coffee or tea. Ensure their well deserved caffeine boost by handing out these insulated metal tumblers that keep beverages hot or cold as they wish. It will be the best way to tackle the day for your employees while your inspiring message imprint will uplift their spirits even more!

Printed 20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

Custom  Portfolios

Journaling can reduce stress, improves memory and help stay organized all at once. Custom Portfolios  will enable your employees to document their days and put their thoughts onto paper and vent their frustrations on a bad day. It helps them to stay grounded even when things do not turn out the way they wish. Your brand and the motivational message will help them pull on.

Revello Refillable JournalBook™

Power Banks

Remote working days are super long for employees as they try to remain at their optimum productivity to keep their organizations afloat during these difficult times. As they work on multiple gadgets to get tasks done, the risk of power getting used up becomes high. When they cannot leave their workspace to charge their devices next room, custom power banks will make a great choice. Whether they are sending business emails, communicating with their customers or listening to their playlists, power banks will make sure they never run low on battery.

Imprinted Power Bank-2000mAh

Stress Relievers

Stress can wreak havoc on both the mental and physical health of your employees.  Handing out a stress reliever can make a lot of difference. Every time they take out their anger or frustration by squeezing a squishy stress ball, their anxiety level is reduced and they feel better! These budget friendly items will make a cute addition to any work desks as well. Choose from a range of interesting shapes and colors.

Mood Maniac Wobbler-Happy Stress Relievers

Reusable Water Bottles

When you are busy with work, targets and sales presentations, staying hydrated need not  always be at the top of their list. Drinking enough water is essential to stay healthy and active.  Handing out a trendy, reusable water bottles is a great way to encourage your team to consume more water. Plus, the fun quote or artwork on it will encourage them to carry it with them wherever they go. Talk about a thoughtful gift!

24 Oz Promotional Synergy Glass Sports Bottles


Stress eating could be a bad habit. But biting into a chocolate bar when you feel a bit low will pep you up and enhance your mood. Studies show that consuming chocolate in moderate quantity helps us feel happier. Make your team stay happy by offering them personalized chocolates!

1 Oz Venetian Chocolate Gift Box

All these items make thoughtful gifts and are moderately priced. So, you don’t need to have a big budget to show that you care for your team. Even a hand written thank you note can do wonders in making people feel appreciated.  Try it to believe it!

What are your swag items for the remote team? Tell us more about it on our facebook page, we would love to hear from you.