What makes Custom Totes  Great Promotional Items

Tote bags have been around for a long time in the promotional market. A hot favorite among functional and budget friendly handouts, custom tote bags are versatile and gender neutral as well. Incredibly popular among all age groups and demographics, custom tote bags can be employed in a wide range of promotional events with ease.

The term ‘tote’, which literally means “to carry”, dates back to the 17th century. Since then, the popularity of tote bags has grown exponentially. Today tote bag is  a common favorite among consumers.

Tote bag


Tote bags are trendy and available in a palette of colors and prints. So, you can easily choose a model that matches your theme. From plain totes to cooler totes and beach totes, you have an interesting cache of models to choose from. The trump card of totes is undeniably the brilliant color choices that these bags offer. Whether it is fiery red, striking blue or bright yellow or neon green, you will get all these color choices and more in tote bags. If your brand theme allows you to play around with colors, custom totes will ensure a lot of creative opportunity.

Non-Woven Insulated Big Grocery Totes

Generous imprint space

The large surface area  of totes make a creative canvas for your brand. No matter whether you wish to place your design, colors, patterns, logos or more, your imprint will stand out against the solid background easily.


Totes have an element of practicality. Light weight and durable totes are spacious and  multi-functional as well. Whether it is used for shopping, library or for a day out in the city, these hard working bags will never fail. Designed to look good and last long, these bags will get your message out in multiple settings to  a fresh audience every time.

Mariner Chic Polycotton Striped Tote Bags


Most tote bags are foldable and compact and can even be carried within another bag! So if you’re on the move, throw in a tote inside your handbag and take out when required.

Low on maintenance

These bags are easy to wash and reuse hygienically. Simply wash it with soap and see how easily these will come looking clean and smelling fresh.

 Insulated Grocery Tote Bags

Environmentally Friendly     

Businesses that wish to adopt a socially committed promotional campaign will find ecofriendly tote bags a great choice. Reusable and recyclable, tote bags will give you a sound reason to use it as your swag very often. These practical and stylish bags ensure high quality and functionality without harming the environment.

Medium Jute Gift Tote Bags

More Value for Money

Totes last a long time and are well retained by your audience. So, your  logo imprinted on these will make consistent impressions at one time investment. So, if you are looking for a custom gift that ensure more value for your money, look no further than custom tote bags.

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