Promote Your Brand During School Summer Vacation With Custom Gifts For Kids

School across the country are breaking for summer and for businesses in kids products and services it will make a great time to impress their target audience and befriend the little patrons. Kids will have two months of fun and frolic away from school and homework. We have loads of promotional items that will keep the little ones happy during the holidays and keep the parents engaged with your brand as well. Take a look at some of the logo items that will keep your brand right in front of the audience and make it a hot talking topic all through the holidays.

Promote Your Brand During School Summer Vacation With Custom Gifts For Kids

Footballs! Imprinted footballs that bear your brand and message will make a great gift idea to consider. Both kids and kids at heart will love to kick the balls around in the beach and the backyards and just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these logo items. The generous imprint area of custom football makes it easy to customize it with brand, message, artwork and more. You can even think of a football stress ball, which will make a matching promotional product for the parents who will have their hands full managing their boisterous kids out on the prowl. It will surely come handy in keeping their frayed nerves relaxed at the end of a hard day.

Custom wristbands are something that kids love very much! Always in trend, these logo items offered in a palette of brilliant colors will grab easy attention and make heads turn. Kids will love to wear these fashionable wristbands and flaunt the latest fashion statements. Just think of the exposure your brand on these accessories will get. Kids indeed can be your best brand ambassadors as they simply love to brag about these unique and limited edition branded items to everyone around.

Promotional Friendship Bracelet with Tags

Coloring books and crayons make a delightful combination that kids will love.  Kids love to spend hours on end filling colors and giving shapes to the designs. Apart from keeping them well engaged during their leisure hours, these logo items will enhance their dexterity skills and hand and eye coordination. These are great handouts to promote restaurants and hotels to keep the kids happy and busy while the parents can enjoy their meal in peace.

Promotional Neon Six Color Crayon Wheel

Yo Yos: This toy has been around for thousands of years and it is amazing that these are still popular. Offered in various models including light up models, custom Yo Yos will make a great way to get your message across and make it well seen and appreciated.

Logo Imprinted Duncan Yo-Yo Key Chains

We have a lot more custom gifts for kids including money boxes, rubber ducks, Frisbees, balloons and more that will  not just keep the kids engaged during the holidays but will impress the young at heart as well. Shop right away and turn the school holiday your brand building season.

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