Planning A No-Digital Themed Event? Go Retro with these Nostalgic Custom Products

An overdose of technology may not be cool at times! So, if you are planning a retro-themed event for people who may be facing digital fatigue, here are some great promotional items. Non-descript and innocuous items like beach balls or playing cards make great promotional items for brands that dare to be different and creative.
Smiley ball

Business promotions need not be serious affair always; often a fun twist will bring in leads more easily. Think out of the box and pick up some simple or silly handouts that will instantly bring a smile to the faces of your audience. Here are some interesting suggestions.


These lightweight and colorful toys are great for the beach and the picnic grounds. People love to spend hours on end trying to make a perfect toss and catch. These colorful discs that fly around every open space during spring and summer season will make a great handout for you to get your message across. Anything imprinted on Frisbees will engage your audience in a light-hearted dialogue. The best part is that these are popular among not just humans but their pet dogs as well. Parade your brand in front of family audiences with these custom imprinted fun toys. These are great for promoting pet supplies, toy stores and outdoor events.

7.25 Inch Logo Imprinted Jewel Flying Discs

Lounge Inflatable Chairs

It will make a great pool toy for beach fun, Memorial Day BBQ events and more. Use it as a playing space of your kids, a comfy perch on the beach or even a handy floating bar table during pool parties to hold your beer and bucket of chicken.  Your brand imprinted on these brilliantly colored, PVC lounge inflatable chairs will get a lot of eyeballs this season for sure.

Custom Lounge Inflatable Chairs

Light up cups

These are great for the game days, parties and other events. These Light Up Color Change Frosted Short Glasses will cheer your home team on a big game day and build up a buzz on social media. If you want a gift item that has overwhelming pulling power, place your cards on these.
Light Up Color Change Frosted Short Glasses

Adult coloring books

Doodling is the latest craze; it is as popular as Angry birds or Crashlands or even more! Reports show that it is helpful to stay relaxed and stress-free for most people and enhance dexterity and cognitive skills. Filled with interesting patterns, adult coloring books are nonstop fun. Just take out the crayons, turn off the tech gadgets and stop worrying about the mortgage or credit score for a while and enjoy the art of coloring.

Promotional Doodle Adult Coloring Notebooks

Mood straws

Mood Straws will change color with the temperature of the drink. These reusable mood straws that create a dazzling display of colors will make a great handout that people will remember as much as their favorite tech accessories.

Promotional Doodle Adult Coloring Notebooks

Need more? We have an interesting line up of custom gifts that will let your recipients step out of their virtual world to the real tangible world. Shop right away!

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