New Year Trends On Custom Gifts –  Have A Closer Look

A single smart move of including the most trending gifts will help you to beat the competition and drive up your brand popularity fairly early into New Year. Get on top of the trending gift ideas and choose the best to impress your audience.

Wheat product gift box

Here are some trends to watch out for

 Pet-Friendly Marketing Swag

On an average, a pet owner in the US spends $1285 on his pet in a year and the pet food market in America is all set to hit 30 billion $ in 2022. Pet loving millennials have created a whole new market for pet-friendly promotional items.

In the times ahead, the trend of pet socials is expected to rise like never before. Pet owners travel with their pets for holidays, eat outs, shopping or evening strolls.  So, pet promotional items offer a goldmine of opportunities for pet centers to reach out to the prospects and make new leads.

You have a lot of budget friendly handouts to consider including every day use items like collapsible pet bowls and pet strobe lights  among others.

 Dog Bone Strobes

Bluetooth Products

Everyone loves to carry their favorite beats on the go and that is what makes Bluetooth products a hot choice in promotional items. Be it wireless speakers, earbuds or charging pads, there is wide variety of Bluetooth products to consider.
Wrap Wireless Speakers

These functional items get a lot of facetime of your prospects and will even engage them in a light hearted dialogue. The ultimate freedom and portability offered by these custom Bluetooth products will make your prospects hardcore fans of your brand!

Affordable and interesting, these custom gifts are incredibly popular. People can never have too many wireless products.

 Eco-Friendly Products

Reports show that more than 50% of consumers will develop a favorable impression of a  brand that aligns itself with eco friendly marketing swag. Environment degradation and pollution caused mostly by human activities have come to a tethering point. It is indeed a do or die situation for us to do something concrete to restore the  balance of nature and make  this planet habitable for future generations.

Choose from a wide range of ecofriendly items like wheat straw kits, bamboo cutting boards, paper coasters, wheat mugs and a lot more. These innovative and futuristic products are something almost anybody will be sure to hold on to.

12 Oz Wheat Mugs


Often, the best marketing swag need not be expensive to leave a lasting impression. So, make sure to include these trending products in your marketing swag to make stand out and make a mark in 2020.