Little Known Facts About Custom Gifts- Fact#4

Only one in five people will trash an unwanted promotional product

Even in today’s technology driven world, it is interesting to note that physical advertising and tangible promotional gifts continue to play a major role in marketing brands and earning customer recognition. A recent PPAI report says that promotional products enjoy a long retention and only one in five people will trash an unwanted promotional product.

1 in 5

Custom gift items are used, gifted or retained as keepsakes by the recipients. Everyone loves freebies and there can’t be anything like an unwanted gift for anyone!

Lets us see how your custom gifts continue to promote the brands no matter whether they change hands or enjoy retention among your target audience.

Pens: Custom pens are the second most popular logo items and hence it is not surprising that why most marketers choose these popular items as tradeshow items or mailer gifts. Everyone needs pens in their daily lives and that is what makes a trendy pen a talking point among your audience. Every time your recipients share these imprinted pens with their friends or those standing right behind them in a bank or school, your brand on these will surely buy their attention. Novelty pens or ecofriendly and wooden pens are some models in pens that enjoy a long retention as most people will love to keep these masterpieces forever.5.5 Inch Custom Printed Wired Pens

T shirts: We bet, your bedroom closet will have T shirts imprinted with 2010 baseball league mascot even today! Some may have even promotional T shirts that are decades old as people prefer to retain these as keepsakes and team souvenirs after their utility. While the generous imprint area and the solid color choices will all make these logo items a hot favorite of the marketers, the casual charm of T-shirts will make it a heart throb of your audience.Custom Printed Jerzees Youth Heavyweight Blend T-Shirts

Magnets: These attractive custom magnets have been instant reference guides of your customers since time immemorial. Be it as a calendar, a business card, a sports schedule or an interestingly shaped magnet, custom magnets have always enjoyed a mass appeal among every genre of customers. Imprint your brand and message on these and every time your recipients open their fridge door, your brand recall will enjoy a fillip. Most people use these magnets as hold up for their shopping lists or kids artwork , which adds up to its value further.Custom Collared Shirt Shape Awareness Magnets

Picture frames: Make your brand part of the homes and hearts of your recipients by imprinting it on these logo picture frames. Every time they cherish the family snaps and the intimate personal moments that are caught on frames, they will feel appreciated. A picture frame will make even a nondescript snap into a masterpiece. So, how can your brand imprinted on this fail to impress your recipients?6x4 Personalized Silver Plated Heart Picture Frames

Browse our collection of promotional gifts and choose something that will enjoy a long retention. Made for a life time, anyone would need a heart of stone to trash these delightful gift items.

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